My Favorite Grow Bags for Growing Massive Tomato Plants

Whether you’ve already got an experienced green thumb or you’re at the beginning of your gardening journey, grow bags can be a great way to start planting your own fruit and vegetables.

They’re a popular choice among many gardeners due to their affordability and the ease and convenience of planting straight into the bag itself.

But grow bags are only worth using if you use the right ones that won’t fall apart right away, so I’ve created a list of some of the best tried-and-tested grow bags currently on the market.


Root Pouch Grow Bag 

The non-degradable fabric material promotes a much healthier air-pruned root system that’s far superior to plastic plant pots that result in twisted, spiraling roots.

VIVOSUN 5-Pack Grow Bags


They feature a superior drainage system thanks to the nonwoven fabric, which prevents excess water from pooling at the bottom to give the roots of your plants enough space to breathe and grow.


Gardzen 10-Pack Grow Bags

The fabric promotes increased growth rates with larger yields, improved drainage for better root health, and superior aeration and air circulation.


Garden4Ever 5-Pack Grow Bags

The round, floor-standing grow bags are manufactured using a grow-friendly felt that encourages better plant health and faster development.


JERIA 12-Pack Grow Bags

Manufactured with nonwoven fabric that provides ultimate breathability for plants, you’ll reap larger, healthier yields more often using these grow bags. One of the things I love most is that they also help reduce the risk of transplant shock.

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