Simple Tips for Creating a Beautiful Butterfly Garden

Want to turn your garden into a beautiful butterfly sanctuary?

All you need to provide are food and resting spots—and you can do so by planting their favorite nectar sources and a few safe places to land and play (while you enjoy the show).

Bonus: You’ll attract other pollinators to your yard too!

1. Provide butterfly food.

Unlike many species of moths, their close cousins, most butterflies need food in their adult stage. They feed on a variety of treats, from tree sap to dead animals, but their absolute favorite food in the world is nectar.

2. Provide caterpillar food.

Just as adult butterflies tend to have their favorite flowers, different caterpillar species can also have strong preferences when it comes to host plants.

3. Avoid pesticides.

They don’t just get the bad bugs (or the bugs we consider bad, anyway), but also wreak havoc on a variety of unintended victims. That especially includes pollinators like butterflies.

4. Provide a mud puddle.

Mud puddling is a common behavior in butterflies, but not a simple one. It’s clear they do it in order to absorb dissolved nutrients like sodium.

5. Let the weeds grow.

Some of the most persistent garden weeds are actually an important food source for butterflies and their spawn (especially in early spring when not much has bloomed yet).

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