How to Grow a Beautiful Calathea Ornata in Your Home

If you’re a fan of prayer plants, Calathea ornata is a stunning one to add to your collection!

This tropical houseplant is known for its eye-catching silvery to pink leaf veins that look like pinstripes, giving the foliage a truly unique look.

Keep reading to learn how to care for your Calathea indoors.

Light and temperature

This popular houseplant naturally grows in forested regions in tropical Colombia and Venezuela. This means the species isn’t used to being blasted with direct sun, as the harshest rays would naturally be filtered out by taller trees.

In terms of temperature, this is a true tropical that despises the cold. Room temperature is great and significantly warmer isn’t a problem either, but your prayer plant will quickly stop growing if it’s exposed to temperatures below around 60°F.

Water and humidity

These guys are jungle plants that love plenty of moisture, but they don’t react well at all to being left standing in water. You’ll have to find the sweet spot between moisture and drainage, a lot of which depends on the right soil mixture.

In terms of watering, you want to keep this plant’s soil lightly moist at all times, but never wet. During the summer growing months, water as soon as the top inch or two of the soil has gone dry. This may mean giving the plant a drink up to twice a week or even more.

Soil and planting

Like many tropicals, Calathea ornata requires both excellent drainage as well as some water retention. Mixing your own soil is usually your best bet for prayer plant success.

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