How to Keep Deer Out of the Garden for Good

Deer are something we have to live with (especially since we encroached on their territory) and we have to be at peace with some amount of deer damage.

But, a few key strategies can help us get the upper hand when it comes to saving our gardens.

You DON’T have to put up an electric fence—there are better, safer, and more humane ways to keep deer out of your garden.

Plant things they don’t like to eat.

There are even fruits and vegetables that deer tend to avoid, which is good news if you grow your own food.

Build or extend an existing fence.

Go with 7 feet minimum. This is how tall a fence needs to be to keep deer from jumping over the top.

Enclose garden beds or plants individually.

If you only need to protect a few vegetable beds or specific plants, it may be easier to enclose those plants individually with cloches, cages, netting, or other physical barriers.

Use deer spray or other natural repellents.

Many of them include active ingredients like cinnamon, clove, or mint in their formulas (scents that deer dislike) and are harmless to wildlife, pets, and children.

Never feed the deer.

Deer will congregate in places where food is readily available which can lead to an unhealthy lack of fear toward humans, increased risk of disease transmission between animals, vehicle collisions, and habitat degradation.

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