Easiest to Grow Hoya Varieties for Your Home

Hoyas are one of my top recommendations if you want a low-maintenance houseplant that's forgiving when it comes to water and sun (two things you don't find very often in tropical plants).

This broad genus includes over 500 accepted species, but in this guide, I've whittled it down to 13 of my favorite beginner-friendly Hoya varieties.

If you're looking to buy your first Hoya or expand your collection, this is a great place to start!


Hoya kerrii

This houseplant tends to increase in popularity around Valentine’s Day for obvious reasons: the fleshy, two-lobed leaves form a perfect heart shape.


Hoya pubicalyx

Hoya pubicalyx sports thick, waxy, elongated leaves with pointed tips, and most of the ones I’ve seen are the “splash” variety with white and pinkish specks throughout.


Hoya carnosa ‘Tricolor’

This one’s beloved for the variegation on the outside of the leaves, which emerge pinkish and then fade to cream as they mature. Another big favorite and a real beauty!

Hoya carnosa ‘Compacta’


It’s characterized by its curly and twisted leaves that hang down like ropes and look quite different from the species’ normal foliage.


Hoya australis

Hoya australis has glossy, slightly wider oval leaves with vines that have a tendency to climb up, rather than hang down. New leaves emerge with a reddish hue, then turn green as they mature.

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