Easy Guide to Caring for Lucky Bamboo in Your Home

You've probably seen it growing in water, sometimes with curled stems or in intricate arrangements, or in Chinese shops and homes, where lucky bamboo is aptly named as it's considered a cultural symbol of good fortune and health.

If you want to attract abundance into your life, or simply like the idea of a no-fuss houseplant that needs only water to survive, this is your plant!

Here's how to take care of lucky bamboo, whether you grow it in water or in soil.


Light and temperature

In terms of light, because it naturally forms part of the rainforest undergrowth, it doesn’t need much. Bright indirect light, like close to a north-facing windowsill, is absolutely fine.


Water and humidity

Dracaenas are known for being quite forgiving when it comes to soil moisture! They don’t tend to be the quickest growers and their fleshy stems store water well, so it’s usually best to take it relatively easy with the watering can.


Soil and planting

If you’re growing in soil, remember that drainage is an important factor for houseplants like Dracaena. They don’t like wet feet, and a soil type that retains water for too long can lead to root rot or even deadly stem rot in the long run!



Although lucky bamboo doesn’t need much to thrive, it will appreciate some fertilizer from time to time to prevent yellowing leaves and slow growth.



You can remove dead leaves and also opt to trim any offshoots that you don’t like the look of, but more than that won’t be necessary.

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