How Much to Plant in Your Vegetable Garden to Feed a Family

Finding that balance between having enough food to eat and preserve, while wasting as little as possible to overripeness, frost, and the compost pile, can be tricky.

Over the years, I’ve tracked how much we grow versus how much we eat, and I thought it was worth sharing these numbers with you to ease some of the pre-planting anxiety we all feel when mapping out our garden beds.

5 things to consider before deciding how much food you need to grow

How big is your garden?

This is the most limiting factor when deciding how many plants to grow per person. Even if you want to grow enough tomatoes to feed your family for an entire season, those plants take up a lot of space.

By being creative with plant placements and repurposing household items (like a vintage clawfoot bathtub!) into unconventional planters, you can maximize a small space and produce more food than you thought was possible.

Be honest and realistic about what your typical meals look like, and how much time you actually have to use or cook what you grow.

What does your family like to eat?

How old is each person in your family? What is that person’s lifestyle like?

Keep the ages and lifestyles of each member in mind as you plan your garden, and adjust the number of plantings to suit everyone’s needs and likes.

Do you like to eat in season or preserve excess harvests for later use?

If you plan to preserve any of your fruits and vegetables, you’ll probably want to grow more than what is suggested.

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