How to Get Your Christmas Cactus to Bloom Again in Winter

Your Christmas cactus plant bloomed abundantly in November or December, and now you're wondering if you have to wait a whole year before it flowers again.

The surprising answer is: Nope! Given the right (and somewhat punishing) conditions, holiday cactus can bloom again after the holidays are over.

Here's what you need to do for a repeat flowering in February.


Secret #1: Reduce watering.

The new, minimal watering schedule will force your Christmas cactus into dormancy, which is critical for getting the plant to bloom (and rebloom). This is where being a lazy houseplant gardener works to your advantage!


Secret #2: Provide at least 12 hours of darkness.

As a short-day plant, Christmas cactus needs 12 to 24 hours of darkness every day to enter a flowering period.


Secret #3: Keep temperatures cool.

The ideal temperature for Christmas cactus to bloom is 50°F to 55°F, and the room has to be free of cold drafts and hot drafts.

The bloom this time around is much more sporadic and won’t be nearly as big as the holiday extravaganza you got, but it’s beautiful nonetheless and should last at least a month or so to take you through the rest of winter.

Once the flowers appear, gradually increase watering as you go back to your normal care routine. The amount of moisture required will depend on temperature, humidity levels, lighting conditions, container size, and the mix your plant is potted in.

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