How to Grow a Banana Plant Indoors or Outdoors

Banana plants are often seen as wild-looking trees that give off lush jungle vibes in a landscape, but they can also be grown successfully in containers outside or as houseplants inside.

The trick is giving them conditions they love (hint: plenty of sun) and choosing the right varieties for your space and climate. Even gardeners in cold climates can grow bananas!

Here's what you should know about growing banana plants indoors or outdoors.

Growing a banana plant indoors

You’ll want to place your banana right in front of the sunniest window you can offer, unless you’re willing to set up grow lights.

It’s also important to keep the humidity high, or those large, lush leaves will soon be crispy and brown.

If you’re only overwintering your banana plant indoors, that’s a little easier. The best thing is to leave it alone as much as possible. It won’t grow much and might lose some foliage, but it’s just biding its time until it can return outside.

Indoor banana plant care

Once you’ve found a nice and sunny spot for your banana plant, you can plant it in a container with a drainage hole and rich, acidic but well-draining soil.

Everyone has their own favorite mixtures, but something like this is a good starting point: – 3 parts peat – 1 part perlite – 1 part vermiculite – Some compost, worm castings or other organic material

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