How to Grow a Chinese Money Plant for Abundance

Want to bring wealth and abundance into your life—or at least your home? Then you'll want to add a Chinese money plant (Pilea peperomioides) to your houseplant collection.

Aptly named because of its coin-shaped leaves, this plant also happens to be one of the best bets for beginners who want a low-fuss, low-maintenance plant.

Here's how to care for your Chinese money plant indoors and keep it healthy and thriving!


Light and temperature

No direct sun needed for this one! Place yours on a windowsill, or at least near a window that receives plenty of indirect light, and you’re all set.


Water and humidity

The best way to figure out whether it’s time to water is by gauging the moisture level in the soil: just stick your finger in there. If it still feels damp, wait a little longer.


Soil and planting

In order to provide proper drainage, it’s a good idea to use a soil mixture that has some gritty material mixed in. Pure houseplant potting soil often just retains a bit too much water, so add at least 20 percent perlite and maybe some fine orchid bark.



Be sure to only fertilize during the growing season and if your Pilea is doing well. If it’s struggling, or just not growing (like during winter), applying fertilizer can damage the roots and make things worse.



Your Chinese money plant generally won’t need to be pruned aside from the occasional removal of dead foliage.

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