How to Keep Your Cyclamen Alive This Winter

Cyclamen is a classic winter bloomer that starts appearing in grocery stores and garden centers during the colder months while it's in peak flowering.

But with the right care, it can survive as a houseplant past the holiday season, and produce colorful blooms continuously for a couple of months every fall and winter.

Here's how to care for Cyclamen indoors and grow it year-round.

Light and temperature


A growing Cyclamen appreciates plenty of light. It’s often noted that indirect light is better than direct sun, but since Cyclamen are only active in winter when the sun isn’t nearly as harsh, a few rays here and there are unlikely to cause problems.


Water and humidity

If your Cyclamen is looking lush and growing well, you can keep the soil lightly moist. Let the first inch or two of the soil dry out, but avoid it drying completely to the point of wilting.


Soil and planting

Because you’ll probably want to bottom water your Cyclamen, and because good drainage in general is one of the keys to keeping houseplants happy, you’ll want to go for a planter with a drainage hole.



You can use a diluted normal liquid houseplant fertilizer once or twice a month. Some growers also like to mix some compost or worm castings into their Cyclamen soil for an extra boost.



A Cyclamen will need regular pruning once it starts to reach the end of its blooming period. Leaves begin to yellow and die off, which isn’t the prettiest thing to look at! Luckily, you can just snip off dead foliage and flowers and discard them. They’ll grow back next year.

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