How to Make Authentic Italian Limoncello

What's the secret to the best limoncello? The best lemons, of course. But it's also the way you zest them — and it's NOT with a vegetable peeler.

Here's the trick to getting all that luscious lemon oil out of the peel and into your liqueur for the smoothest and most delicious digestif you've ever tasted.

And it's so easy to make at home!


– 10 medium organic lemons – 1 (750 mL) bottle high-proof pure      grain alcohol (such as Everclear) or      high-proof vodka – 3 cups water – 2 cups sugar


Since limoncello is made from the zest of lemons, you want to use thick-skinned, high-quality, organic lemons free of wax and pesticides. Wash and scrub off any dirt and dry your lemons thoroughly.


Using a Microplane, zest your lemons, taking care to zest only the peel and not the pith.


You should end up with 1 to 1 1/2 cups of zest. Pour the zest into a clean half-gallon glass jar.


Pour the bottle of alcohol into the jar and seal with a lid.

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