How to Make Seed Startings Pots Out of Old Newspapers

Got a stack of old newspapers laying around the house? Save money and upcycle your unwanted newspapers into newspaper pots for seed starting—no tools, glue, or mad folding skills needed.

They're simple enough for kids to make, fast enough to crank out in an afternoon, and sturdy enough to last several weeks until your seedlings are ready for transplant.

This easy DIY will show you how to make dozens of seedling pots for cheap!


Gather your supplies.

Gather a stack of old newspapers, a pair of scissors, and a 6-ounce can of tomato paste.


Cut the newspaper into long strips.

Grab two pages of newspaper (so you have a four-sheet stack). Cut the newspaper into thirds lengthwise, giving you three long strips.


Use the can as a mold for rolling the newspaper.

On the end closest to you, lay the can on its side across the strip of newspaper. Leave about 1 inch hanging off the end of the can.


Start rolling the can away from you.

Roll the can along the newspaper until it’s loosely wrapped all the way around. (Loose being key for easy removal of the can later.)


Fold the edges of the newspaper down to form the bottom of the pot.

Fold the edges of the newspaper down over the can, and work your way around in a circle until all the edges are folded over firmly.

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