How to Teach Your Kids to Snowboard 

(Without Tears)

Yes, you can teach a baby or toddler to snowboard before they can even walk! (And no, little kids don't have to learn on skis first.)

Here's how we started with our 10-month-old daughter, who's now linking turns at 6 years old and snowboarding on her own.

We're using the same fun and easy progressive method to teach her 2-year-old little sister next!

Pull them around the house.


In fall, we like to get the snowboard out and pull our kid around the house (on carpet) or around the yard (on grass) to introduce (or reintroduce) the concept of sliding sideways. Think of it as a guided exploration and turn it into a game!


Give a gentle nudge-and-catch.

Look for a small, mellow hill where one parent can stand at the top (as the nudger) and one at the bottom (as the catcher). Position your child directly down the fall line and give a gentle nudge toward the other parent.


Practice heelside slipping.

You can stand in front of the board and lightly hold your toddler’s hands to boost confidence as you guide the board downhill. Use simple instructions like “lean back” or “stay low” to help your toddler slow down, and “hands out” to help with balance.


Practice toeside slipping.

Like heelside, the board should only be slightly angled down the slope. Help your toddler slide across the hill this way with hands in the snow for balance.


Progress to an S-turn.

Our older daughter began understanding how to link turns when she turned 4 (in her third season). The MDXONE backpack helped immensely, and once she got her heelside and toeside down, we were able to shred the bunny hill with her leading the charge.

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