The Best Way to Attract Ladybugs to Your Garden (and Keep Them There)

Do you sometimes wish ladybugs would find your garden as easily as aphids do?

It’s not impossible, as long as you know the secrets to getting them and keeping them there: food.

Whether you’re trying to attract them naturally or releasing them in your backyard, it all comes down to making sure they have a food source so they stick around and see what else you have for them to eat.

3 secrets to attracting ladybugs to your garden and getting them to stay

Think of your yard as a mini ecosystem of its own.

The trick is maintaining balance so there are plenty of aphids and other prey for their predators to consume, but not so many that they get out of control in your garden.

Secret #1: Don’t get rid of all the bad bugs

If you immediately reach for a pesticide (especially in early spring when fewer food sources are available), lady beetles won’t have any incentive to stay—even if you buy and release them.

Secret #2: Grow the right plants

Besides pests, ladybugs also feed on nectar and pollen. They prefer small flowers, flat open petals, and umbellifers (umbrella- or disc-shaped flowers) that they can land on and crawl over easily.

Secret #3: Provide a safe habitat

An example of this is an “insect hotel” or bug hotel, set up in an area that gets southern exposure for the best warmth.

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