The Best Varieties of Heat-Tolerant Lettuce That Will Grow All Summer

As any gardener knows, it can be a struggle to keep lettuce going through summer without bolting, but there’s hope!

You can grow a variety of heat-tolerant lettuces well into September and enjoy fresh, crisp salad greens even when everything else starts to wilt.

These are my favorites!


Adriana – Improved version of Ermosa Bronze Mignonette – Excellent in hot climates, semi drought-tolerant, heat-tolerant, slow to bolt Butterhead Speckles – See story above Buttercrunch – Semi drought-tolerant, heat-tolerant, slow to bolt

Green leaf

Amish Deer Tongue – Heat-tolerant, slow to bolt Black-Seeded Simpson – Earliest to harvest, drought-tolerant, heat-tolerant, slow to bolt Gentilina – Excellent in hot climates, slow to bolt Grand Rapids – Heat-tolerant, resistant to tipburn

Red leaf

Lollo Rosso – Heat-tolerant Merlot – Slow to bolt Paradai Oak Leaf – Heat-tolerant Red Sails – Heat-tolerant, slowest-bolting red leaf variety, resistant to bitterness Red Salad Bowl Oak Leaf – Heat-tolerant, slow to bolt

Batavia/French crisp/summer crisp

Ice Queen (Reine Des Glaces) – Heat-tolerant, slow to bolt Muir – Heat-tolerant, slow to bolt Nevada – Heat-tolerant, slow to bolt, resistant to tipburn (a name like Nevada is fitting—I’m a native Nevadan and the summer heat there is not for the faint of heart!)


Anuenue – Originally bred in Hawaii, heat-tolerant, slow to bolt, germinates at higher soil temps Calmar – Heat-tolerant Great Lakes 118 – Heat-tolerant, resistant to tipburn Ithaca – Heat-tolerant, slow to bolt

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