How to Make Your Own Seed Tape for Easy Planting

Sowing tiny seeds like carrots, onions, basil, and lettuce can be a source of frustration for many gardeners.

They get stuck to your fingers or blow away in the breeze, and you end up under-seeding or over-seeding just to make sure they're spaced correctly. But no more!

Learn how to make your own seed tape at home with this simple project (it only takes minutes using toilet paper and glue!) and you won't be at the mercy of wind (or heavy-handed seed sowing) again.

Materials needed

– One-ply toilet paper – Washable non-toxic glue (like      Elmer’s) – Seeds – Paper seed envelopes or plastic zip-     top bags


Find a cheap roll of one-ply toilet paper.

Roll out a length to fit your garden bed. (You can also use two-ply toilet paper and just split the paper apart.)


Dab on some glue.

Place small dots of glue on the toilet paper according to how far apart you want your seeds spaced. For most plantings, 1 to 3 inches is a good start as some seeds may not germinate.


Add seeds.

Using your fingers or tweezers, place a seed onto each drop of glue.


Wait for your seed tape to dry.

Once you’ve glued on all your seeds, allow ample time for the glue to dry and make sure the seed tape is not sticking to your surface.


Store your seed tape.

When those little glue dots have hardened, roll up your seed tape and stash it in an envelope or zip-top bag until you’re ready to use them. Be sure to label your seed tape!

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