Print This Fall Garden Checklist Now

There's no shortage of garden chores in fall, and sometimes I think there's more work to do this time of year than there is in spring!

But putting in the effort now (while the weather is still pleasant and mild) will reward you with a healthy and thriving garden in spring.

Save this checklist for your fall planting and fall cleanup so you can maximize your harvests and start winterizing your garden.

Clean up your vegetable garden and annual flower beds.


Seeds from open-pollinated plants can be saved and stored for the following year.


Take care of perennial plants.

After the leaves die off but before the first frost, carefully dig up frost-sensitive bulbs like dahlias, caladiums, cannas, and begonias and cut the foliage back to a couple of inches.


Get garden beds ready for the next cycle.

Work in 2 to 3 inches of compost to refresh your beds for new plantings. Do a soil test, if needed (your local Extension office can assist with this), and add in any nutrients that your soil falls short on.


Transition tender container plants and houseplants back indoors.

Remove any dead or diseased leaves and spray the tops and undersides of leaves with water to dislodge any hitchhiking pests and their eggs.


Organize and winterize garden tools and equipment.

Shut off the main water supply and remove the faucet assembly at the start of your irrigation system. Have underground watering systems winterized (blown out).

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