The Best Ways to Ripen Tomatoes Inside the House

As the threat of frost approaches, do you still have a few tomato plants hanging on? Rather than waiting for all those green tomatoes to ripen, bring them inside!

The key is knowing when to harvest your green tomatoes and choosing the best method to ripen them inside the house.

Here are my 3 favorite ways.

The Paper Bag Method


To ripen your tomatoes this way, simply place a few unripe, unblemished tomatoes inside a paper bag. Don’t smush them in there; you want a little airflow so the fruits don’t mold.

Add a ripe banana, apple, or pepper to the bag and loosely seal it. Place the bag in a warm spot and the tomatoes should ripen in one to two weeks, depending on how much color they had in the beginning.


The Newspaper Method

Collect only healthy, unbruised tomatoes. Find a large but shallow cardboard box (think banana boxes, cardboard trays and such).

Place the tomatoes in a single layer at the bottom, cover with a few sheets of newspaper or newsprint, add another layer of tomatoes, then cover with more sheets of newspaper.


The Hanging Method

By hanging the stem in a cooler spot out of direct sunlight, you can effectively extend your fresh tomato season by a month or more!

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