A Bold and Beautiful Ruby Red Sauerkraut Recipe

Ruby kraut has sass. It’s like the sexier, sleeker, red lipstick-wearing sister of sauerkraut. And Ms. Ruby packs a healthful punch into one little jar.

The secret is in the red cabbage: The compounds that give the vegetable its distinctive dark color, anthocyanins, also act as antioxidants and are believed to have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Combine all that antioxidant power with the immunity boost of lacto-fermentation, and you could live forever on ruby kraut. (Okay, maybe not, but keep reading…)


– Red cabbage – Carrots – Pickling salt – Celery seeds – Dill seeds – Black peppercorns – Bay leaves


Shred, slice, or grate your cabbage using a food processor, knife, or grater… whatever works for you. I cut my cabbage in half lengthwise, remove the cores first, then slice the cores to add to the kraut.


Then I thinly slice the rest of the cabbage by hand for a cole-slaw-like consistency.


If you harvested the outer leaves from your cabbage crop (the huge ones that look like elephant ears), you can shred some of those up too.


Do the same for the carrots. I take a julienne peeler to mine to get those skinny slivers.

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