How to Grow a Gorgeous Satin Pothos

Garden Betty

Introducing the satin Pothos that isn’t actually a Pothos, and the silver Philodendron that isn’t actually a Philodendron!

Confused yet? This popular tropical vine goes by many common names, but is entirely its own genus of plants.

This is your guide to taking care of Scindapsus pictus at home!

Light and temperature

In the home, it doesn’t need loads of light to thrive. In fact, if you expose a satin Pothos to direct sunlight without letting it acclimate first, the leaves are likely to burn!

You don’t need a greenhouse for a home if you’d like to grow this houseplant, but it’s important to avoid exposing it to cold. Keep it away from drafty windows, ideally at a temperature of 59°F or up. Room temperature is fine.

Water and humidity

To see if your Scindapsus pictus needs a drink, check how wet or dry the soil is. The easiest way is to just stick your finger in the planter: If the top layer of soil feels dry, you can give your plant a drink.

As for humidity, although this species is a tropical, it should do fine in your home unless things get really dry. If the humidity levels regularly drop below 40 percent, your houseplants in general may benefit from the use of a humidifier.

Soil and planting

Like most Aroids, Scindapsus pictus will appreciate a relatively airy soil. The mixture should hold some moisture, but excess water needs to be able to drain freely.

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Garden Betty