How to Score Cheap Seed Starting Supplies

Think you have to spend mucho money to get into gardening? Not so! The dollar store is one of my favorite places to score some good deals on cheap seed starting supplies.

You can save money on gardening tools and accessories that actually last year after year.

Learn what to buy (in the non-gardening aisles, no less) and what NEVER to buy from the dollar store as you set up your garden.


Wash tub

This multipurpose tub works well for mixing soil and amendments, moving compost, bottom-watering small pots, and hauling supplies to and from your potting bench.


Cookie sheet or baking pan

These things are so versatile. They make great drip trays for starter plugs, seedling flats, planter boxes, or lots of little pots.


Aluminum pan

If I need to repot seedlings, I usually have a row of these lined up on the table like so: two or three aluminum pans for holding all the seedlings, one filled with potting soil, and another for the actual potting task.


Rubber doormat

To protect your indoor surfaces from drips and spills, a thin, rubber-backed mat that you can hose off is a practical solution.


Paper pots

They last just long enough until my seedlings are ready to be transplanted (usually a month or so) and I can plant them right in the ground with my seedlings or simply add the paper pots to the compost pile.

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