Easy Homemade Spiced Apple-Pear Butter

What are some ways you can use apple-pear butter?

Think of it like a jam—you can spread it on toast, biscuits and muffins; add a dollop to oatmeal or a spoonful to thumbprint cookies; smear it on a sandwich with turkey and brie; or glaze it over a tender pork butt.

Apple-pear butter for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? You got it.


8 pounds mixed fruit (I used equal     parts sweet apples, tart apples, and     pears) 2 cups apple cider (or water) 3 (3-inch) cinnamon sticks, broken     apart 1 tablespoon whole allspice


Peel and core your fruit, then chop them up into small chunks. The smaller the chunks, the quicker they’ll cook down.


Fill a six-quart slow cooker to the brim with your chopped fruit. Add in 2 cups of apple cider (or water), cover with a lid, and set your timer to four hours on high heat.


Occasionally give the fruit a stir. After four hours, the mixture will be a mushy and bubbling pot of gold. (I dare you to not sneak a taste while it’s filling your home with all sorts of delicious smells.)

If you like a smoother consistency, you can puree the fruit with an immersion blender right in the pot. I find that the fruit usually breaks down enough on its own by the time it turns into butter, so I leave it as-is. I like my butters a bit chunky.


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