The Sneaky Way to Water Your Houseplants All At Once

Garden Betty

At the end of a long, dry winter, your plants need a deep clean.

Here’s why you need to shower your houseplants every season (not just in spring!) and the best way to wash them, indoors or out.

Plus, I reveal a little trick to keeping your houseplants watered for weeks on autopilot.

There’s something about the official start of spring that makes me want to throw open the doors and windows and freshen up the whole house.

Part of my spring cleaning ritual (that I actually do once every few months, but especially at the end of a long, dry winter) is to give all my houseplants a cool, cleansing shower.

I put several plants—even my indoor banana plant—under the shower for a few minutes, rinsing the tops and undersides of the leaves and drenching the soil until water flows freely out the bottom of the pots.

This thorough washing not only nourishes and hydrates your plants more than their usual drink, but has other benefits too.

Keep reading to find out why your houseplants could use a good shower!

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Garden Betty