How to Start a Whole Garden on Your Windowsill—Using Eggshells!

Learn how to start seeds in eggshells! This easy DIY is a fun upcycling project that gives you a head start on the gardening season and makes a great craft activity for kids.

All you need is a cardboard egg carton, some cracked eggshells, seeds, and seed-starting mix.

You'll save money on traditional seed starting supplies and repurpose kitchen scraps before they go in the compost heap.


Gather your cracked eggshells.

Rinse the cracked eggshells before using them. It’s perfectly okay to use unevenly cracked shells, as long as you have at least half the shell intact.


Fill each eggshell with seed starting mix.

Arrange your eggshells in a paper egg carton. Using a spoon or mini trowel, fill each eggshell pot with pre-moistened seed starting mix.


Keep your seed starting mix moist.

Lightly mist the soil with a spray bottle every couple of days as needed. Since there are no drainage holes, take care not to overwater. 


Thin your seedlings.

Once all your seedlings have emerged, snip the weakest or smallest ones to allow the largest seedling room to grow.

To transplant, gently crush the shell with your fingers and remove a few shards around the bottom. You can plant the whole thing this way, and the eggshell will decompose in the soil, feeding extra nutrients to your seedling.

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