How Far Apart to Plant Strawberries for Healthy Productive Plants

Garden Betty

If you’re starting a new strawberry patch in your garden, there’s an easy method to spacing your plants and propagating new plants.

Whether you’re growing Junebearing, everbearing, or day-neutral varieties, this guide will help you figure out how to space your strawberry plants more efficiently for the best yields.

I’ll share a few tips and tricks for getting the most out of your strawberry crop by spacing and planting them more efficiently for your particular needs.

Strawberry plants can be planted as close as 8 inches apart, or up to several feet apart in some cases, depending on the type of strawberry, your garden layout, and your budget.

In general, day-neutral strawberries (including alpine varieties) are planted 10 inches apart, everbearing strawberries are planted 12 inches apart, and Junebearing strawberries are planted 18 inches apart.

If you want to get your strawberry patch going right away, spacing your strawberry plants at a minimum of 8 inches apart will fill in your garden bed quicker.

Square-foot gardeners can plant one strawberry plant per square, so that the plants are 12 inches apart.

This tighter spacing of 8 to 12 inches between plants will produce more berries sooner and help keep weeds down. (Granted, you do have to buy or transplant more strawberry plants for this to work.)

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Garden Betty