Vegetables You Can Plant Now and Harvest in 40 Days or Less

If you've ever wondered, "What can I plant right now this late in the season?" then this guide can help you choose reliable, unfussy, and easy-to-grow crops for the waning summer days.

Every vegetable on this list can be harvested in 40 days or less, and some of them will even give you two or more harvests before the season's over.

Here are the fastest-growing vegetables for your fall garden.



If succession planted, lettuce can provide at least two harvests before frost sets in (as long as you have a minimum of 40 days before your first freeze).



You can begin picking the outer leaves when they’re at least 2 inches long, and continue picking through winter.

Baby bok choy


While regular bok choy takes months to mature, the smaller cultivars (most often referred to as baby bok choy) are ready for harvest in just one month!

Mustard greens


Mustards make an excellent fall crop because they grow well when the weather’s warmer in late summer, and continue to thrive in cold weather. (They can even take a light frost.)



Spinach is a cold-hardy vegetable that makes a great cut-and-come-again crop. Just snip a few outer leaves from each plant and let them continue growing until, well… you’re sick of eating spinach!

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