What to Do With an Old Christmas Tree

What to do with an old Christmas tree? Anything BUT throw it out. Even though the holidays are over, your tree still has some life left in it.

These 10 clever ideas will have you scheming new ways of repurposing a dead or dying Christmas tree for countless uses around your home and garden.

In fact, you'll be so inspired that you might end up asking your neighbors for their trees too!


Use branches as simple supports for plants.

Strip the sturdiest branches of their needles and cut them into various lengths to use as plant stakes. They’re handy for supporting houseplants, vegetable seedlings, and young plants in the garden.


Use your old tree as firewood.

Your Christmas tree is great fuel for an outdoor fire pit. Use the twigs and needles as kindling, and cut the trunk into logs for burning.


Make your own pot feet.

Pot feet, or pot risers, elevate an outdoor plant container to provide drainage, reduce pest infestations, provide air circulation around the pot, and curb ugly water stains on a porch, patio, or deck.


Make wood slices for crafting projects.

There’s no shortage of arts and crafts that use wood slices: coasters, trivets, place cards, ornaments, wall art, jewelry, and more. A quick search on Pinterest turns up hundreds of DIY projects.


Make twig gnomes.

I think it’s such a fun craft to do with kids in winter, since all you need is a pile of twigs from your old Christmas tree and some imagination on a rainy day!

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