This is a hand-picked collection of my absolute favorite things that you’ll find in my garden and around my home. My husband likes to joke that I’m the queen of research 😉 which means all of my recommendations are well-reviewed and obsessively tested before I add them here.

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Seeds & Plants

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They specialize in hard-to-find Asian herb and vegetable seeds and they’re based in Utah, so you don’t have to worry about dodgy seeds coming from overseas. It blows my mind what I’m able to find here!

This Oregon-based seed company has their own trial, research, and production farm, so they definitely walk the walk. Their seeds are especially good for short seasons and tough climates!

I’ve been buying their seeds since the beginning of my gardening journey in 2010. They always have high germination rates and the most informative seed packets of any supplier.

This is where I like to get high-quality seeds in bulk for sprouting as well as for growing microgreens and cover crops. You can also find everything you need here to start an indoor or hydroponic garden.

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A versatile tool that can cut, dig, scoop, transplant, and weed. It’s one of my most-used garden tools!

I’ve tried a lot of pruners, and these Swiss-made shears have consistently worked better than anything else.

More than just a weeding tool, it can loosen soil and dig narrow trenches too. I own the Original and the Mini.

Hang this tool caddy on a fence, shed, or the side of your raised bed to keep hand tools within easy reach. I love mine!

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I installed this door on my chicken coop a few years ago and it was the best thing I ever did! Love how it reliably opens and closes with the sunrise and sunset every day.

I line our egg boxes with these nesting pads and rarely have an egg break. The material keeps everything clean and dry and I just toss them in the compost pile when it’s time to replace them.

I rake this into the wood pellets that I use as chicken coop bedding to keep odors down. It definitely keeps the coop smelling fresh in between cleanings!

Mix a few scoops of food-grade DE into your chickens’ coop bedding or dust bathing area to naturally control chicken lice and mites.

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Outdoor Cooking

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My bestselling book is not just for campers. You can make any of the recipes at home, under the stars, or anywhere outside!

Take your grilling game to the next level and learn live fire cooking the easy way. (Pssst: It’s not all meat recipes either!)

You may have seen this bear-proof cooler in my cookbook—it’s a must for any campsite. Made in the USA with amazing build quality and holds ice for days!

I love this rugged, soft-sided cooler bag for short trips. It’s leakproof, waterproof, and holds ice for a whole weekend. Like a Yeti but better!

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My Kitchen

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I’ve been using this mason jar fermenting kit for 15 years. The airlock lids and glass weights make the process foolproof—you just supply the mason jars!

For years I used a giant enamel pot on the stove for my water bath canning, but this “press and forget” electric canner—that you can put anywhere—makes things so much easier!

Every kitchen needs a few of these, and Nordic Ware stands out above the rest because it never warps, even on high heat. Be sure to get the cooling racks too.

I’ve always been a Zwilling girl, but took a chance on this knife and wow! It’s become my daily knife. The blade is razor sharp, the weight feels good and it comes at a fabulous affordable price point too.

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My Home

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I own two original Green Mattresses (with and without pillowtop), an Eco Organic Mattress, and an Eco Organic Kids Mattress. The oldest is seven years old and still going strong with no sagging. My whole family loves them!

This minimalist steel bed frame is surprisingly sturdy and has held up fabulously after several moves. We use it under our king pillowtop mattress.

We loved our brushed gold bed frame so much that we ended up buying another Keetsa frame for our guest bed. It’s just as stylish, strong, and stable!

I’ve been through lots of different sheets (Egyptian cotton, linen, hemp), but these bamboo sateen sheets are the best: insanely comfortable, no pilling after several years, and they feel amazing on the skin.

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