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Outdoor Cooking

I’ve accumulated lots of cooking and camping gear after a lifetime of travel and adventure, and you may have seen some of those items in my outdoor cookbooks. This is what I use and love at home and on the road, at barbecues and picnics, and on many excursions—near and far—while exploring with family and friends

My bestselling book is not just for campers. You can make any of the recipes at home, under the stars, or anywhere outside!

Take your grilling game to the next level and learn live fire cooking the easy way. (Pssst: It’s not all meat recipes either!)

You may have seen this bear-proof cooler in my cookbook—it’s a must for any campsite. Made in the USA with amazing build quality and holds ice for days!

I love this rugged, soft-sided cooler bag for short trips. It’s leakproof, waterproof, and holds ice for a whole weekend. Like a Yeti but better!

I’ve had this portable camping stove for more than 15 years and love how you get two powerful burners in one compact setup.

For grilling at camp, you can’t go wrong with this heavy-duty steel grate. I’ve had this in my car camping kit for years and love the locking legs that fold away for easy stowing.

I used this grill extensively in my cookbook and still use it for everything from slow roasts to wood-fired pizza. It’s a beast!

The ultimate lump charcoal if you want huge chunks that light quickly, burn hot, and last longer than anything else!

Essential for any grill chef! These handy wipes clean and oil your grill grate at the same time with very little elbow grease needed.

This smokeless fire pit is great for not only warmth, but grilling your favorite meals too. (Just add a grill top.) The new version comes with a removable ash pan and base.

I’ve been having so much fun making pizza at home! I use the wood pellet-fueled version and can make epic pizza in just a couple minutes. Be sure to get an infrared thermometer with this.

These are fantastic fire starters that make it incredibly easy to start a fire in your fireplace, fire pit, or BBQ. Safe to use for cooking fires and has a wonderful cedar scent.

The quintessential camping pot that you can use directly over a fire. This and their cast-iron skillet are a must for outdoor cooking. (Tip: Get these Dutch oven liners for easy cleanup.)

A griddle is so versatile for camping and tailgating. I like ours for making pancakes and eggs at breakfast, quesadillas and sausages at lunch, or burgers and fajitas at dinner. Bonus: Less cleanup!

The best knife for camp cooking! It’s ultra sharp, very lightweight, and comes with a protective sheath for easy packing. I also own and love their nakiri knife.

I own an absurd amount of camping tables, and I always bring this one on my trips. The adjustable legs, sturdy tabletop, and family-owned American brand makes this one a keeper. I’ve had mine for over 10 years!

This is a great little side table or mini prep table that can hold a stove, cutting board, or a few plates. It sets up fast, folds down small, and is crazy light for how durable it is.

Of all the camping tables I own, I use this tiny one the most. It’s the perfect size for holding drinks, snacks, gadgets or just putting up my feet. I also love how simple it is to unfold and set up—I can do it in seconds with one hand!