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I’ve bought, used, given, broken, and thrown out a lot of gardening tools and supplies over the years, and these are the things that have stood the test of time, crazy weather, and a hard-working garden. They’re what I consider essential for all my yard work and I use them so much that I often have multiples of my favorite items!

A versatile tool that can cut, dig, scoop, transplant, and weed. It’s one of my most-used garden tools!

I’ve tried a lot of pruners, and these Swiss-made shears have consistently worked better than anything else.

More than just a weeding tool, it can loosen soil and dig narrow trenches too. I own the Original and the Mini.

Hang this tool caddy on a fence, shed, or the side of your raised bed to keep hand tools within easy reach. I love mine!

Air pruning trays are new for me, but so far I’m loving how easy it is to grow healthier root systems and stronger seedlings. Bonus: they come in lots of fun colors!

I use these shallow 1020 trays under my air pruning trays to bottom water seedlings. You can also use them to grow microgreens. They are the most heavy-duty trays I’ve ever used!

These are the best tomato cages, hands down. I’ve had mine for over 10 years now! They’re incredibly sturdy, can stack to support massive tomato vines, and fold away neatly for storage.

Versatile and stackable ladder trellises. I use one for peppers, eggplants, fava beans, tarragon, and other tall, top-heavy plants; stack two for bush tomatoes; and stack three for indeterminate tomatoes.

Easily the best harvest baskets I’ve ever had. They’re washable, durable, lightweight, and come with folding legs that allow them to stack. I have all three sizes: original, mini, and large.

I own several different sizes and use them all over the yard. I love how tough, strong, UV- and frost-proof they are while still being flexible and light.

My husband’s favorite brand of electric tools! Although we use the string trimmer most, this is so much more. The Power Head lets you swap and attach multiple tools, including a pole saw, edger, and hedge trimmer.

I make my own leaf mulch with this dedicated mulcher. It’s super easy to operate and can shred up to 53 gallons of leaves per minute!

I’ve been a longtime user of their drip tubing and drip tape, and installed their garden bed kits and components in all of my gardens. Use code GARDENBETTY for 5% off.

For a truly kink-free all-season hose, look no further. I’ve had mine for many years and it’s survived some brutal weather and rough handling.

If you hate coiling up or tripping over hoses, this retractable, auto-rewind, swiveling hose reel keeps your yard neat and tidy. You can mount it on a wall or a freestanding post.

Track rainfall, temperature, humidity, wind, and more. This helps me prepare the garden for frost and also connects to soil moisture meters that I put in my beds outside.

These buttery-soft leather work gloves have great dexterity and durability. My go-to for most yard work.

I like these gloves for cooler weather and heavier-duty tasks around the yard. They’re warm and tough without being bulky or stiff.

It’s cold in my garden for half the year, and these are the best insulated work gloves I’ve found. They’re fleece-lined yet flexible enough to work in.

Absolutely love my Bobbi ankle boots for gardening, getting wet/muddy, or just running around town. They’re super warm and so comfortable!

This Aerocart is a workhorse! It’s a cart, wheelbarrow, dolly, and plow that’s also light, nimble, and narrow enough to easily maneuver through a garden.

I use mine for hauling tools and buckets, plants and pots, and big harvests from the garden to the house. It’s a must-have for every gardener.

Essentially a wheelbarrow but way more stable. I like that I can push or pull this cart through the yard and it handles like a champ. I have the medium cart, but it also comes in large.

If you’re wondering whether you actually need all four types of carts for your yard, I say yes! I use this one year-round for firewood, compost, mulch, and yard debris—the dump feature is key!