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Having an active and outdoor-loving family means our day-to-day is often exciting, unpredictable, and a little (or a lot!) messy. These are the items I trust to keep our house clean and comfortable, help me manage chores more efficiently, and make life less overwhelming.

I own two original Green Mattresses (with and without pillowtop), an Eco Organic Mattress, and an Eco Organic Kids Mattress. The oldest is seven years old and still going strong with no sagging. My whole family loves them!

This minimalist steel bed frame is surprisingly sturdy and has held up fabulously after several moves. We use it under our king pillowtop mattress.

We loved our brushed gold bed frame so much that we ended up buying another Keetsa frame for our guest bed. It’s just as stylish, strong, and stable!

I’ve been through lots of different sheets (Egyptian cotton, linen, hemp), but these bamboo sateen sheets are the best: insanely comfortable, no pilling after several years, and they feel amazing on the skin.

I can walk through my entire downstairs area at night without turning on a single light, thanks to these LED night lights. They turn on/off automatically and totally blend into the walls.

Our household recently upgraded to this vac/mop set and it’s unbelievable how well they clean! The self-empty feature on the vacuum is key. You can buy them separately but save so much money getting the bundle.

When I need to do a quick cleanup, this cordless vac is fantastic. It has great suction (and totally handles my kids’ craft room messes) and has a really long runtime on one charge. I like how you can use it as a hand vac too.

This portable carpet and upholstery cleaner is indispensable if you have furniture, carpet, or rugs you need to spot clean. Read all the reviews online—they’re seriously  impressive.

Where has this laundry cart been all my life?! I have two of them, and they’ve made laundry a much more pleasant chore. Very high build quality and worth every penny.

If you’ve got a spare wall near your laundry area, this wall rack is amazing for delicates, woolens, and other things that need to air dry. It folds flat against the wall when not in use.

Confession: I dislike using other people’s toilets after living with this bidet in our home. Don’t get the more expensive version; this one has all the same cleaning cycles with warm water, heated drying, and a heated seat.

I keep these sleek-looking step ladders all over my house and they’re super easy to store because they fold completely flat. They’re also very strong and stable, even on the top step.