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Seeds and Plants

When I’m planting my own garden, these are the vendors I always turn to.

You can trust my recommendations because I spend my own money on seeds and plants, I know who’s got the goods, and these are companies I buy from over and over again (with zero pressure of having to give them good reviews).

They specialize in hard-to-find Asian herb and vegetable seeds and they’re based in Utah, so you don’t have to worry about dodgy seeds coming from overseas. It blows my mind what I’m able to find here!

This Oregon-based seed company has their own trial, research, and production farm, so they definitely walk the walk. Their seeds are especially good for short seasons and tough climates!

I’ve been buying their seeds since the beginning of my gardening journey in 2010. They always have high germination rates and the most informative seed packets of any supplier.

This is where I like to get high-quality seeds in bulk for sprouting as well as for growing microgreens and cover crops. You can also find everything you need here to start an indoor or hydroponic garden.

I shop here for their extensive and beautiful selection of flower bulbs and wildflower seed mixes, but they also carry vegetable and herb seeds, roots, and rhizomes.

This is a Canadian nursery where I’m a repeat customer. They have the best selection of edible and medicinal herb starts that I often don’t see elsewhere. You’re bound to find something new and interesting on their site!

This is my favorite online source for ground covers, flowers, shrubs, and healthy trees on quality root stock. I’ve purchased a dozen fruit trees from this nursery that have thrived since day one.

This is one of the best places I’ve found for bareroot and potted trees up to 7 feet tall. They offer many unique varieties for all climate zones that always arrive healthy and well-packed.