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My Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of our home, and for someone whose favorite meals come from the garden, I spend just as much time in my kitchen as I do in the yard. This list is filled with foundational pieces that I believe every kitchen needs—many of these items have moved with me over the years so I can confidently vouch for their long-lasting quality.

I’ve been using this mason jar fermenting kit for 15 years. The airlock lids and glass weights make the process foolproof—you just supply the mason jars!

For years I used a giant enamel pot on the stove for my water bath canning, but this “press and forget” electric canner—that you can put anywhere—makes things so much easier!

Every kitchen needs a few of these, and Nordic Ware stands out above the rest because it never warps, even on high heat. Be sure to get the cooling racks too.

I’ve always been a Zwilling girl, but took a chance on this knife and wow! It’s become my daily knife. The blade is razor sharp, the weight feels good and it comes at a fabulous affordable price point too.

Not only are these Rubbermaid Brilliance containers made of glass, they’re also leakproof, airtight, modular, and nest really well. Such a space saver in the kitchen!

I’ve finally found the perfect glass jars to store my flour, sugar, rice, grains, and other pantry goods! They’re so elegant and come in many different sizes with airtight lids.

I originally bought this timer to keep my counter clutter-free and now I use it daily! It’s easy to read, sticks to my fridge, and works so simply I wish I’d gotten it sooner. You just rotate the tactile dial to set your countdown!

A scale is the unsung hero of a kitchen—you normally don’t really need one, but you inevitably become a better cook when you use one. This model comes in several different colors, weighs in pounds/ounces/grams, and has worked flawlessly for me for years.

I use this for all my one-pan dinners, and it does it all: frying, searing, sauteing, simmering, and roasting. Short handles make it so easy to go from stove to table.

I love the pouring rims and how they don’t have rivets inside (making them very easy to clean). They’re made in Germany and aren’t cheap, but will last a lifetime. My first pan is going on 20 years and still looks brand-new!

This gorgeous enameled cast-iron pot lives on my stove for soups, stews, Sunday sauces, and braises. I use the 7-quart pot most, but also have the 5-quart and 4-quart versions for smaller meals.

If you’re still using sponges, rags, or paper towels, try these instead! They’re super absorbent, reusable, and washable. I prefer black so stains don’t show, but they come in lots of other colors.

You can do nearly all your mixing, stirring, turning, and tasting with this set. I love how they don’t stain or split (like regular wood) and they won’t scratch your cookware either.

I started with a single cutting board years ago, then added more sizes and shapes and even their pizza peels. I love how sleek and versatile they are.