Avocado Green Mattress Review: My Honest Thoughts 6 Years Later

Wondering how that organic mattress I love so much is still holding up—six years later AND with two kids jumping on it daily? We’ve moved it to three different homes now and definitely have some thoughts on how it’s held up. Here’s an updated review with my honest opinions of our Avocado Green Mattresses.

Linda Ly
Avocado Green Mattress review: my thoughts 1 year later

I’m obsessed with home renovation and home buying shows on HGTV.

But every episode always has a happy ending, and there have been plenty of times when I’ve wondered how the people on those shows feel a few years later, or how they’ve changed things up once the cameras left the premises.

How did they decorate after all the props were taken away? Did they keep the paint colors the same? Do they still love the flooring/furniture/windows that they chose/bought/installed?

I wish every show had a “One Year Later” or “Five Years Later” follow-up season so we can really see what happened after those first impressions, because even if I’m intrigued by something I’ve seen, I’m more convinced after I hear how it’s been working out.

My other obsession (reading online reviews) means I don’t make a lot of decisions on the fly, as I want to be assured I won’t go wrong.

I imagine there are probably more than a few people out there like me, because ever since I posted my review of the original Avocado Green Mattress, I’ve had many readers ask if I would still recommend it.

And without hesitation, I say yes!

Here’s my experience six years later, after many nights of sharing a bed with my husband, kiddo, and her little sister in all four seasons.

Disclosure: If you shop from my article or make a purchase through one of my links, I may receive commissions on some of the products I recommend.

Update October 2023: We still love our Avocado mattress! We purchased in 2017 and to date, have not noticed any issues with sagging, lumps, or loose threads. The mattress still looks and feels like new, even with two kids jumping on it daily. We rotate our mattress every six months and still use the same platform bed shown in both of my reviews.

If you missed my initial Avocado Green Mattress review, you can read that first to learn how and why I chose them.

A kid-friendly organic mattress

Six years ago, with the hope of replacing my old conventional innerspring mattress with a more eco-friendly organic option, I landed on Avocado Green Mattress and loved the company’s mission statement, design and manufacturing standards, and corporate social responsibility.

None of that has changed, and I continue to be impressed with the nonprofits that Avocado supports each month because many of them are causes I support as well.

Over the course of 72 months, I’ve slept on their flagship Avocado Green pillowtop mattress, bounced on it with the kids, and rotated it every October on its anniversary.

The mattress is still as good as new, and every morning we wake up rested and pain-free. (Well, about as rested as I can be with kiddos who love to climb all over me.)

I’d mentioned in my previous review that it took a little getting used to the firmness of the Avocado mattress, as we were switching from an ultra soft pillowtop.

But, we haven’t had any back pain or joint issues since upgrading from our old mattress. I still rate the Avocado pillowtop mattress as a 7 out of 10 (with 10 being stiffest).

Natural mattress review

My husband is a side sleeper and I’m a back sleeper. We’re both of average weight, though he’s on the taller side at 6 feet 3 inches.

Neither of us have chronic pain or other conditions that affect our sleep, but we’re both very active and often come home from hikes, bike rides, or days on the mountain with some type of muscle soreness.

These activities (combined with age, I suppose) make it uncomfortable to sleep on a soft mattress for any considerable amount of time, even if it feels good at first to sink into a cloud-like bed.

We’ve learned that we need a little more support from a mattress, and find that the Avocado strikes the right balance for us. We placed it on a platform bed with wooden slats (this is the bed frame we have and love), which gives it the perfect amount of flex.

The natural latex pillowtop hasn’t lost its shape or firmness, and the side handles have proven themselves to be surprisingly sturdy. (It’s no small feat to turn a king-size mattress around! Not to mention we have now moved three times since I posted my original review.)

We also don’t feel the tufted button rosettes in our backs, though we do use a thin waterproof mattress protector under our sheets.

I feel this mattress protector has helped a lot with keeping the mattress looking new; we wash it every other week and replace it every other year when the waterproof backing starts to show some wear. (The backing is super soft, by the way—no weird crinkly sounds when we sleep.)

Even with three or four bodies in bed, we don’t feel hot, nor do we feel cold when the kids are sleeping in their own bed. (They currently share a bed.)

Avocado Green Mattress review

In fact, I think the greatest testament to how much we love our mattress is that we ordered a twin-size Avocado pillowtop mattress for our older daughter soon after we bought ours.

(Disclosure: Avocado Green Mattress provided a discount for our second mattress, but no review was expected and this follow-up post was not sponsored by them.)

The twin mattress arrived about three weeks after we placed an order, and since it’s smaller, we opted for standard delivery (without setup).

It came compressed in a cardboard box and required two people to carry upstairs, but was easy to handle and unpackage from that point on.

Like our first mattress, the new one came with no smell (something we’ve started to care more about since raising children).

The high level of craftsmanship was on par with what we expected. Even without sheets, the mattress feels luxurious because of its thick, heavy cover.

Natural mattress made with non-toxic materials

We let our kiddo jump and sleep on it right away, and found no sagging or other issues.

Knowing that she spends at least half a day on a product that’s free of toxic materials and fumes gives us so much peace of mind. (As parents, we already have enough to worry about!)

In fact, it’s held up so well that when the time comes, we plan to buy another twin mattress for her little sister.

An eco-friendly mattress for busy families
An organic mattress that can stand up to a toddler

The Avocado is a heavy, substantial mattress, no matter which size you get, and I feel like that speaks to the quality of materials used.

Unlike many bed-in-a-box mattresses, the Avocado is not made from memory foam or polyurethane foam. It’s a hybrid design composed of latex, wool, cotton, and an advanced innerspring system.

(I actually just found out they now offer a “vegan” mattress that uses no wool in its construction.)

Avocado Green Mattress review update

The only drawback I can think of is that you might have to wait for it because every mattress is made to order in California.

When you need a mattress sooner than later, the manufacturing process can feel very slow, especially if you’re used to walking in to a store and bringing home a bed the same day.

However, it’s hard to find a handmade American product that stands behind solid values, so hopefully the company has improved its manufacturing and shipping times since my original order.

I can say with absolute confidence that six years in, we’re still very happy with our choice.

In an overwhelming sea of online mattresses where every company seems to sell the same product (just repackaged differently), we would definitely buy another natural mattress from Avocado when the time comes.

You can check out my original review here.

This post updated from an article that originally appeared on October 29, 2018.

View the Web Story on my honest review of Avocado green mattresses.


  1. Gosh. I’m happy you are so happy but I could not disagree more. I’m only 2 years into the monster supposedly plush last forever upgrade after the first s ocado mattress bombed for us in just a week. 2 years later we have 2 craters where we sleep and despite getting the pillow top cushion and constantly turning and flipping of the monstrosity it isn’t comfortable, gets way too hot and I knew in the back of my head I should have gone a completely different direction. Sustsinability is great as long as you don’t have to get rid of your mattress after 2 years. We are tall, but not overweight, no kids. Mattress is terrible. As in the worst iv ever had. The one I bought at Jordan’s over 20 years ago in our other home is worlds better and has retained its shape and very comfortable. Avocado….not so much. A 1 on a scale of 1 to 10. This will be testing the land fill soon.

  2. I appreciate your honest one-year follow-up review of the Avocado Green Mattress. It’s fantastic to hear that it still holds up well after extended use. Your personal experience and detailed analysis are immensely helpful for anyone considering this eco-friendly mattress.

    1. I purchased my beds several years ago so I’m sure delivery timelines are different now. As for whether I recommend an Avocado for a smaller person, I bought the pillowtop twin version for my toddler, and she sleeps well in it!

  3. I’m glad this mattress is working out for you. We have only had ours since November (3 months) and we already have sagging and loose threads. Most concerned about the elevated lump in the middle and zone torso support. My torso feels like it is being pushed up constantly. Do you not experience this? I also agree that the heavy quilted cotton cover adds firmness and the thin one is better! Sadly, we will probably return our mattress, but it is beautiful.

  4. You said your avocado mattress came WITHOUT any smells? You mean you didn’t notice the obvious wool odor that smelled like your bedroom was a barn? Or the horrific latex odor that was exactly like a rubber baby bottle nipple? Ours was delivered on June 22 and I’ve yet to sleep on it because even though the wet sheep smell finally dissipated after about three weeks, the latex smell is still too much to take.

    We’ve tried so many options to try and reduce the smells but nothing has worked enough to actually sleep on it. I’ve written to the company several times and they keep insisting the smell will go away. I’d say after almost 6 weeks, it’s probably not going to get better.

    I would have started the return as soon as the 30 days was up but with so many companies going to latex and wool, or worse, still using memory foam, I don’t know what mattress we’d get at this point. I wish this avocado plush would work but I don’t have much hope.

    Another point. “Maybe” if I jump on it for a few weeks, it might release some of the latex stink and make the bed softer. But at barely 90 pounds, I feel like I’m sleeping on a blanket on the hard floor because I don’t even make a slight dent in the mattress.

    None of this is your problem but if you could answer my question, I’d appreciate it. Did your avocado mattress really not smell at all after the plastic wrap was removed?

    1. Sorry for responding to this comment late, but as far as I can recall, there was no barn smell or wool smell when my mattress was unwrapped. No off-gassing of any odors at all. Maybe more of a mild cotton smell? Like a new t-shirt? It wasn’t noticeable and we slept on our mattress the same night it was delivered.

      To put this in context, we live in the high desert with very low relative humidity. Shipping from California to Oregon doesn’t take long or travel through that many climate extremes, so I’m wondering if yours received some moisture in transit? It sounds very strange. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help in figuring this out! Personally, I’d return it and reorder (if you want to give the company another chance).

      Also, I have the pillowtop versions and they’re great. I don’t have the non-pillowtop mattress to compare, but I’d guess it adds some softness.

  5. Avocado owner for four years now and I still love my mattress. It does need to be rotated annually. I bought the firm as I have had lower back pain issues in the past. It was a bit too firm for me, so I added a 2 inch latex topper, now it’s perfect. I have not had any lower back pain problems since buying it. I do recommend this mattress to all my friends and family.

    1. That’s wonderful to hear! We’re planning to buy another one this year but are now intrigued with Avocado’s new mattress options since buying our original one.

  6. I would NEVER recommend this mattress!!! After 2 years, the springs inside the mattress loosened and when you lie on them they shift. It is the most uncomfortable feeling! The company’s customer service is horrendous! I spent so much money on this mattress and because the defect cannot be seen in a photo, Avocado will do nothing about it.

    1. The same thing is happening to mine after two years and it’s causing me to have the worst lower back pain. The mattress is also sagging badly too! So disappointed because I loved it so much until now. I actually talked 3 other people into getting one and now I regret it.

      1. I’m so sorry to hear that. I’ve had my mattress for almost 5 years now and no issues at all, even with little kids jumping on it daily. We do rotate it every 6 months though.

        I wonder if yours was a bad batch? I’d definitely take it up with customer service! That doesn’t sound right at all, mine doesn’t even have a loose thread on it.

        1. Hello, I apologize in advance for the negative commentary, but I have to be fair and honest for those who read this and might be similarly affected. We purchased this mattress almost exactly a year ago, June 2021, rotated as recommended and have a solid platform base that it rests on. My husband weighs 145 and I weigh 160. There are clear impressions on the side my husband sleeps on and they are not bouncing back despite the added memory foam topper we paid extra for. I have never had hip, shoulder or back pain on any structural discomfort as I have had on this Avocado mattress. With respect to Linda, a petite, slight person with a young child jumping on the bed is not a solid recommendation for consumers to make a decision on such an expensive purchase. I am a side sleeper which Avocado markets too and I have never slept poorer. Their return policy is generous within a year, but trust me, if you are experiencing pain beyond 60 days, take advantage of that, it does not get better. I wish we had.

          1. Hello, just to be clear, I am not a “petite, slight person” by any means and my husband weighs a lot more than yours does. We have tall athletic builds and often find two extra bodies (our kids) in bed with us.

            Also, neither of our Avocado mattresses have a memory foam topper. We purchased the latex pillowtop versions. So, I can’t speak to the comfort or quality of their other offerings.

            I don’t feel that my recommendation or opinions are any less solid than yours, since they’re based on my personal experiences with two different Avocado mattresses over the last five years. Mattress comfort is subjective, and the nice thing about ordering from Avocado is the generous return policy after you’ve had time to settle in (or not) with your mattress. So everyone should definitely listen to their bodies and take advantage of the return policy. I hope you find a better option soon!

  7. Thank you so much for your review about how you are faring with the Avocado Green Pillowtop Mattress after 3 years. My husband and I have had our Avocado Green Pillowtop Mattress for 18 months now and love it too. I really appreciate your recommendation concerning a thin waterproof mattress protector. We had been using the Avocado quilted mattress protector and found that, while the fabric and construction were of high quality, the stiffness of the fabric interferes with the comfort of the pillow top, making the pillowtop harder and less cushioning overall, despite the protector’s quilted padding. Sure enough, when we ordered the mattress protector that you recommended, it changed the feel of the pillowtop significantly. Now, the pillowtop better conforms and cushions the body during sleep. I found the same to be true with the Avocado quilted pillow protector: the stiffness of the construction kept the Avocado Green pillow from freely conforming to one’s head and made the pillow harder. I ordered Avocado’s other cotton pillow protector option and that returned the softness and conformng aspect to the pillow right away. Thank you again for a great review!

  8. Hi Linda!

    I hope you and your family are well! Almost another 3 years later, would you still recommend the mattress today? I’m currently combing through reviews!


    1. Apologies for answering this so late, but it’s now 2022 (I purchased in 2017) and the mattress is still in perfect shape, rotated every 6 months, and we still love it! I have not noticed any issues with sagging, loose threads, etc. even with my kids jumping on the mattress daily.

  9. Hi! Curious what your husband’s height and weight are? Would help to know if he’s similar to my husband who is also a side sleeper. Thank you!

  10. All of the information we read on your website indicated that we would
    receive our bed frame much sooner than December 17th. We placed our
    order on November 9th. Nowhere did you indicate that it would take more
    than 5 weeks to receive our bed frame.

    We received our mattress on November 15th. We didn’t want to keep the mattress in its box for
    more than a month while waiting for the bed frame, especially since your
    instructions said to take it out within 2 weeks. So I had to modify
    and cut slats for our current bed frame to accommodate your mattress. I
    would have thought you would have coordinated the delivery much better.

    We are disappointed that you can not expedite delivery of the
    bed frame since I was trying get a better bed for my wife to aid in her
    recovery during her chemotherapy.

    1. Hi Louis,
      Thank you for your post. Sorry to hear about your issue and hope your wife has fully recovered from Chemo! I haven’t placed my order with Avocado yet due to the fact that they are unwilling to coordinate the delivery of the mattress and the bed frame at the same time unless you pay for “home delivery.” Hopefully they will reconsider their policy:)

  11. Re: One year in with Avocado. – Great to hear! I just ordered one. Looking forward to it. I have same feelings about those TV shows.
    Some stuff not practical/sustainable in an obvious way. – – – Anyhow, Editorial feedback/ suggestion/ correction: mid article you say “free of non-toxic”. Oops. I think you meant free of toxic or only non-toxic.

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