Best Gardening Gloves of 2024—Protect Those Green Thumbs!

Gardening gloves aren’t necessary for every task, but having a sturdy, reliable pair on hand can help with heavy lifting, arduous chores, and working with plants like roses and blackberries. My updated buyer’s guide compares the five best gloves you can get for your money.

Linda Ly
Best gardening gloves—protect those green thumbs

When you’re getting dirty in the garden, you want to shield your fingers from sharp thorns, wood splinters, and sticky sap. Some gardeners (including myself) don’t feel gloves are necessary for all gardening work, but it’s always a good idea to have at least one sturdy pair on hand for general yard work.

These days, you can pick up an inexpensive and reliable pair of gloves in all manner of sizes and materials, with thin, lightweight sets for casual planting and thicker, more padded pairs to protect against heavy-duty tasks.

Choosing the right ones couldn’t be easier. Here are five of the best available, appealing to a nice variety of needs and budgets. Simply scroll down and decide which would be best—all the research has been done for you!

Disclosure: If you shop from my article or make a purchase through one of my links, I may receive commissions on some of the products I recommend.

Best gardening gloves of 2021

1. Pine Tree Tools Gardening Gloves For Women and Men

Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Gardening Gloves for Women & Men - Multi-purpose Work Gloves - Breathable and Absorbent Bamboo Gloves - Gardening Gloves for Men

Available in a range of sizes from small to extra large, these lovely green pull-on gloves from Pine Tree Tools are ideal for working in the garden all year round, at a more than budget-friendly asking price.

Made using soft, breathable bamboo, they keep you warm during cooler weather but offer plenty of air circulation in the summer. Fitting like a second skin, you’ll easily be able to feel whatever you’re working with, and can even use a touchscreen phone.

Offering zero stress and maximum comfort, they’re super lightweight and will never irritate your skin. These gloves are soft and cozy—not clumsy or clunky like alternative products.

With their patented unparalleled grip, you’ll have no trouble working with tools or moving buckets and wheelbarrows around.

Given the snug fit (which the majority of customers rave about), be sure to pay attention to their sizing guide to find a pair that’s right for you. You might need to size up, especially if you like a slightly looser fit for easy on, easy off.


  • Attractive bright green, bamboo-based gloves
  • Breathable and lightweight, yet water-resistant
  • Unbeatable grip for those jobs that need a steady hand
  • Flexible, non-restrictive movement 


  • No added cushioning, so not the best protection for heavy-duty tasks
Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Gardening Gloves for Women & Men - Multi-purpose Work Gloves - Breathable and Absorbent Bamboo Gloves - Gardening Gloves for Men
  • BREATHABLE BAMBOO COMFORT: Breathable bamboo gardening gloves for women and men will keep your hands cool. Bamboo absorbs perspiration and is naturally very breathable. Keep your hands cool in summer and warm in winter. Pine Tree Gloves are suitable for any job and pleasurable to wear.
  • FITS LIKE A SECOND SKIN - Do you take off your mens gardening gloves for every chore that requires finger sensitivity? Pine Tree Gloves have bare hand sensitivity and are Touchscreen friendly! Now you can make those reminders on your smartphone or tablet without taking your gloves off! Fishermen also love the grip on those slippery fish and the protection when changing hooks!
  • COMFORTABLE & DURABLE - We believe gardening should be safe and fulfilling. Avoid skin wounds and dirty hands and nails when doing yard chores. Why walk around with those thick and clumsy gloves while doing jobs around the house? How much more enjoyable would garden chores be, when you wear protective gloves with a snug fit? See our listed size chart picture on the left to determine your correct size. Our gloves have proven abrasion resistance.
  • NOTE - Our gloves are famous for their snug fit. Not your preference? Just order one size up!
  • PURE SATISFACTION OR MONEY BACK - Although our gloves are initially designed for gardening, many enjoy them during construction and restoration work, fishing trips, and lobster diving! Are you not entirely satisfied in the end? Our product comes with a full satisfaction promise!

2. Exemplary Gardens Goatskin Leather Gardening Gloves

Rose Pruning Gloves for Men and Women - Thorn Proof Goatskin Leather Gardening Gloves with Gauntlet (Medium, Maroon)

Choose from four colors and five sizes when you look at these gardening gloves from Exemplary Gardens. Made from 100% natural goat grain, they assure resistance to puncturing, keeping you protected from scratches and slices.

Their buttery soft, super smooth texture can be attributed to an internal lanolin coating, which moisturizes your hands during wear to keep them soft and supple during the toughest tasks. These are perfect for those with sensitive skin (so long as you aren’t allergic to wool).

With the gloves being nice and pliable, you retain full dexterity at all times. Tasks like planting that require fine motor skills are no trouble, and an ergonomically designed thumb section also makes grasping tools easier, which works well for those with arthritis.

These gloves reach all the way to your elbow, offering far superior safety when compared to a pair that stops at the wrist. An extended split suede cuff offers additional protection from cuts on the arms, allowing you to deadhead roses without getting pricked by thorns.

Using the manufacturer’s detailed glove sizing guide is recommended to allow for the best possible fit, and if you’re still not satisfied, they stand by a full no-questions-asked refund guarantee—that’s how much they believe in these gloves.


  • Elbow-length gloves for additional protection
  • Multiple sizes and varied colors—great if your house has multiple gardeners
  • Premium goat-grain construction to keep you safe from thorns
  • Cleverly designed to benefit users with mobility challenges


  • Not suitable for vegans and vegetarians 
Rose Pruning Gloves for Men and Women - Thorn Proof Goatskin Leather Gardening Gloves with Gauntlet (Medium, Maroon)
  • 100% natural premium goat grain ensures puncture resistance keeping your hands safe and blood-free from scratches
  • Extended split suede cuff prevents cuts on the arms allowing you to deadhead your roses painlessly
  • Pliable and flexible enough to maintain dexterity for fine motor tasks such as planting seeds
  • Buttery soft texture due to lanolin acts to moisturize hands keeping them supple. Great for people with sensitive skin
  • Ergonomically designed thumbs make it easier to grip garden tools. Great for people with arthritis

3. G & F Products 1852-3 Soft Jersey Garden Gloves

G & F 1852-3 Women Soft Jersey Garden Gloves, Women Work Gloves, 3-Pairs Green/Red/Blue per Pack

Ideal for the lady gardener in your life (or anyone really, as long as they don’t feel emasculated by flowers), these lovely gloves from G & F products would make a fun Mother’s Day gift, housewarming gift, or hostess gift, or just to stock up on for yourself.

Thanks to the added grip that the set of PVC dots across each palm provides, you won’t struggle to keep hold of your tools even during wet and windy weather. Be aware, though: because they’re made from 100% cotton, they aren’t waterproof!

For less than $10, you might be surprised to learn that you actually get a pack of three pairs—a set each of green, pink and blue! Use them for different jobs or save them for future seasons, either way you’re covered for a while.

These gloves would probably be best for people who aren’t doing particularly vigorous gardening tasks. Although they keep you safe from scratches and other surface nicks, they’re unlikely to offer much protection for your hands when put through the test.

Found in stores like Target, Walmart, and Home Depot, as well as being an As Seen On TV product sold at the National Hardware Store, you know you’re getting a reputable product. Just don’t use them outside of the light, easy tasks!


  • Very affordable—three pairs for the price of one!
  • Machine washable (though be sure to air dry)
  • Works well for simple tasks like pruning and planting
  • Clever PVC dots distributed across the glove for added grip


  • One-size-fits-all approach
G & F 1852-3 Women Soft Jersey Garden Gloves, Women Work Gloves, 3-Pairs Green/Red/Blue per Pack
  • Made of 100 percent cotton
  • Assorted jersey gloves
  • Flowers print with knit wrist
  • PVC dots on palms
  • Sold by pack (3 pairs--green, red, and blue--each)

4. Magid Glove & Safety Store Professional Gardening Gloves

MAGID Extra-Long Thornproof Pruning and Gardening Gloves for Men, 1 Pair, Size 8/M with Forearm Protection, Tan & Purple

For safety you can count on, Magid’s long, forearm-length gloves are made from puncture-resistant Spandex. Simply pull them on and protect yourself from any and all dangers, with an elbow-length gauntlet cuff that shields the full forearm.

Allowing full comfort and flexibility, the design is form fitting without being restrictive. Padding on the palm and reinforced fingertips give peace of mind, while a clever knuckle guard offers added protection from those pesky thorns.

Designed specifically for staying safe in professional situations, they are available to pick up in small, medium or large sizes. Be sure to make use of their handy size guide to check which one is right for you.

Although these are marketed toward women, anyone with smaller hands would find them suitable. Plus, you can pick them up in bulk up to 36 pairs if you need to provide protection for a full team of gardeners!

Not just cute but very functional as well, the fingertips are embossed with tiny flowers that provide extra grip for working with hand tools. As gloves go, these are pretty stylish too, in a cute nude and purple combo that makes even mundane chores feel fun.


  • Can be bought in bulk and come in three sizes
  • Puncture-resistant with added padding and reinforcement
  • Machine washable (on a cold setting)
  • Breathable compared to latex or leather


  • On the more expensive side of the list
MAGID Extra-Long Thornproof Pruning and Gardening Gloves for Men, 1 Pair, Size 8/M with Forearm Protection, Tan & Purple
  • Puncture-Resistant Design: Passionately prune roses and other thorny plants with puncture-resistant, thornproof gardening gloves.
  • Extra-Long Forearm Protection: Reach deeper with extra-long forearm protection; Tapered glove is designed to fit most men.
  • Knuckle Guard: Enjoy added protection from thorns in vulnerable areas with reinforced knuckles; Extra-thick layer of puncture-resistant material at the knuckles.
  • Extra Stretch for Comfort: Features form-fitting spandex back for comfort and flexibility; Glove moves with you and fits like a durable, second skin.
  • Whimsical Print: Features a whimsical printed floral design on the fingertips; Print is raised and textured for added grip and security.

5. Wonder Grip Cut Resistant Gardening Gloves

Atlas 370M Nitrile Tough Assembly Grip 370 Work Gloves, Medium

Boasting exceptional dexterity with a close fit, yet also very resistant to thorns, the Wonder Grip gardening gloves are equipped with an oil-resistant patented Micro Finish nitrile palm, so you’ll never struggle to hold your tools again.

The rest of the gloves are constructed from 100% nylon, which allows for a heavy duty construction that remains breathable and non-restrictive. Stay cool in a wet or dry environment and never worry about losing grip, even if things get damp.

Though they’re only available in sizes medium, large, extra large and extra extra large, they’ll probably have a size that suits anybody when you take into account the fact they offer a skin tight, almost sealed fit—just get the size up from your usual.

Innovatively designed and very easy to maintain, they should last you for a good long time. Plus, if you prefer to garden without gloves but know you require at least some layer of protection between you and the task at hand, these are an excellent compromise.

Both highly durable and very comfortable, their ANSI cut level of 4 demonstrates just how protective they are. At this price, you absolutely cannot complain about the quality, as it’s probably worth more than you’re paying.


  • Feels like wearing nothing but offers plenty of protection
  • Plenty of grip whether things are damp or dry
  • Oil-resistant coating for added durability
  • 100% nylon construction is breathable and hard-wearing


  • Cannot be purchased in size small—only medium and above
Atlas 370M Nitrile Tough Assembly Grip 370 Work Gloves, Medium
  • Tough and durable lightweight gloves
  • Increased puncture and abrasion resistance
  • Seamless Nylon Liner
  • Outstanding Grip

Buyer’s guide 

What makes a good pair of gardening gloves? Here are some things to consider when shopping for a new pair, whether you tend to a small collection of potted plants or an entire yard full of fruit trees and vegetable gardens.


Considering you’ll be rifling through dirt at the very least, your ideal pair of gloves are hard-wearing and able to withstand considerable use in a variety of weather conditions. You can also pick them up in several different materials.

Where latex and leather are popular for their natural grip and resistance to sharps, they aren’t the best for those with sweaty hands.

Bamboo fiber is popular for its flexibility and tight-knit, close fit nature, while nylon combines the positives of both.

The best way you can ensure that your gloves last as long as they can is to get the right set for the job. In terms of suitability, gardening gloves are usually marketed as being light, medium, and heavy duty.

On the thinner side, a lighter glove is perfect for keeping your hands clean when you’re planting or potting but won’t come into contact with anything potentially dangerous; it doesn’t require any padding and maintains a full range of motion.

Pruning with shears? Wheeling around carts full of compost and soil? Medium gloves will keep you safe and comfortable, thanks to the textured grip on their palms as well as some additional fabric (without restricting your ability to bend and grab).

For those who need to guarantee they won’t get hurt by thorny stems or nettle-ridden areas, or keep their fragile hands safe during tougher landscaping tasks, it’s definitely worth breaking out the heavy-duty gloves.


Even if you live in a dry area where it never rains, you’ll still want waterproof gloves. After all, you’ll be spending plenty of time around water with your garden hoses, watering cans, and bird baths—tending to a garden and getting wet and muddy go hand in hand.

Likewise, you’ll still need to take care of your plants and flowers even in autumn and winter when precipitation increases. You’ll value springing for the water-resistant gloves when you’re repotting in drizzly weather!

You can do this by opting for a latex or leather pair in the first place, or choosing a pair of synthetic gloves that are treated with a hydrophobic coating that repels water. The latter is more expensive, but ideal for gardening in wet or humid climates.

Added grip

Whether you’re naturally clumsy, struggle with holding onto things, or have mobility issues, gloves that have integrated grips adhered to the palms and fingers are very useful to prevent accidents, especially when pruning or during other detailed jobs.

It’s difficult to avoid moisture and mess when gardening, so even those with the strongest grips can benefit from a little extra help. Plus, on a hot day, you’ll appreciate that additional safety when those hands start to sweat.


Even if you’re a casual gardener who rarely does any heavy lifting, the lightest of gardening jobs can still bring on blisters, sores, and scrapes. A little extra padding or some sort of cushion is always more of a help than a hindrance.

It’s usually added in around your fingers, wrists, knuckles or palms: all of the places that could potentially get aggravated by manual tasks with constant repetitive motions, given that’s what a great deal of gardening involves.


You’d be surprised how much of a sweat you can break out in after a long afternoon of gardening! Particularly on a hot summer day, you’ll value having a special pair of warm-weather gloves that offer some cooling relief.

By equipping them with internal mesh panels, manufacturers offer more breathable, temperature-regulating gloves. Those who struggle with excess sweating will be especially thankful they opted for this feature. 

Frequently asked questions

How long do gardening gloves last?

That depends on several factors, including the construction quality of your gloves and the kinds of tasks you wear them for. Buying the cheapest pair when you’re landscaping every day is not conducive to long lasting gloves.

Many gardeners would argue that you should only use your gloves for one gardening season or over the course of a year. When it comes to cheap and lightweight “throwaway” gloves, that could certainly make sense.

But sturdy, quality gloves can last you for much longer, provided you invest in a well-constructed pair and make sure you take care of them properly.

It’s a common myth that you can’t wash gardening gloves! Although not all of them are machine washable (and even then, you don’t want all that mud in your washer) simply soaking them in a bowl of warm water is a great way to remove grime.

You can also wash them by hand them using a gentle detergent or mild hand soap, and then leave them out to air dry thoroughly.

Are leather gloves good for gardening?

Yes, they can be. As a naturally very flexible material, leather is great for handling small tools and plants, as well as being almost entirely waterproof. Your hands might get a tiny bit moist if fully submerged, but otherwise, everything should stay bone dry.

Leather gloves are also useful for repelling thorns and other sharp plant parts (like the edges of lemongrass leaves), so they can be suitable for heavy-duty work too. They might be soft, but you shouldn’t struggle to keep a good grip on things with leather or, alternatively, latex.

However, both of those materials are somewhat non-porous and a little restrictive of airflow, so you’ll definitely find that your fingers get warm very quickly. Perhaps full-leather gloves should be avoided if you’re naturally prone to sweating.

Should you wear gloves when gardening?

It depends on the task at hand.

If you have sensitive skin, there’s no reason not to wear gloves: they’re mostly affordable and the majority of them aren’t restrictive to your movement. Some can even help your movement and dexterity with added grip in crucial areas.

Some people may experience allergic reactions to plant latex (a white sap-like substance), which gloves help protect against. And if you’re working with roses, thorny blackberries, or stinging nettles, you’ll definitely want a barrier between your skin and the plant.

Padded gloves help prevent blisters and chafing when you’re digging or rolling around a wheelbarrow all day, and they’re great for getting a better grip on hand tools and power tools too.

On the other hand, many people (myself included) love the feel of soil and don’t mind getting a little dirt under our fingernails. (It’s been proven by science that soil is a natural “antidepressant” as well!)

If all you’re doing is potting up plants, moving small transplants to the garden, lightly pruning, starting seeds, watering, or fertilizing, you probably don’t need gloves at all.

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