The Best Hedge Trimmers for Your Garden—2024 Reviews

Ready to get all Edward Scissorhands on your garden? It starts with having the right hedge trimmers to help you get the job done faster, easier, and more safely. If you’ve been looking for a new pair of shears but feel overwhelmed by all the options, this guide will help you find the perfect one that suits your needs.

Linda Ly
The best hedge trimmers for your garden

Is there anything worse than an overgrown hedge in your garden that you know you need to do something about, but keep putting off?

Overgrown and badly-shaped hedges can be an eyesore, and sometimes even a nuisance if they end up blocking paths through the garden, littering leaves and berries, or harboring feral critters like cats and rats.

But don’t call in a professional landscaper—at least not yet. A sharp, sturdy, and reliable pair of hedge trimmers can help you get things under control

If you’re a beginner gardener, the sheer variety of hedge trimmers and hedge clippers to choose from can be a little overwhelming, and you definitely don’t have to spend money on extra features you might not need.

So to make things easier for you, I’ve done some of the hard work. Below, you’ll find five of the best hedge trimmers on the market that can give your garden the facelift it deserves.

Be sure to read the buyer’s guide at the end for more helpful tips when it comes to selecting the right hedge trimmer!

Disclosure: If you shop from my article or make a purchase through one of my links, I may receive commissions on some of the products I recommend.

Best hedge trimmers

1. ARS HS-KR1000

ARS HS-KR1000 KR1000 Hedgeshears

I’ll start off with perhaps the most ergonomic design on the market, and that title goes to the ARS HS-KR1000 Professional Hedge Shears.

If you want to experience the incredible ease of cutting through your various shrubs and hedges, then this product could be the ideal choice for you. 

The blades of these shears are chrome plated and forged with carbon, exhibiting a robust and durable surface. The blade also has a pivot bolt, suitable for adjustments, as well as shock-absorbing bumpers to provide added comfort. 

Unlike other shears that are heavy and often difficult to handle, this product is light and usable for all.

With slim handles and lightweight aluminum construction, the 1.7-pound tool has never made shearing and trimming so easy. The design is a dream for novice and experienced gardeners alike.

In addition to all these great features, arguably the best part of this tool is the fact that its components can easily be replaced if needed. Whether that’s the blade, screws, or pivot bolt, they can all be bought and restored.


  • Performance: Excellent, ergonomic design makes these shears one of the highest-performing tools on the market. 
  • Weight: Super lightweight and easy to use. 
  • Durability: Blades are forged with carbon, chrome plated, and held in place with screws. 
  • Comfort: Shock-absorbing bumpers provide comfort, which is ideal if you’re working in the garden for long periods of time. 
  • Warranty: Product comes with a lifetime warranty, so if anything happens to go wrong after purchase, you’re covered. 


  • Price: This tool is a lot more expensive than most of the other similar products on the market. 
ARS HS-KR1000 KR1000 Hedgeshears
  • Superior steel and blade treatment for unsurpassed cutting performance
  • Long lasting sharpness ; Pivot bolt for blade adjustments
  • Perfect shape and balance for continued use
  • Replaceable blades
  • Superior durability for continued professional use

2. Okatsune 22” Hedge Shears 

Okatsune Precision Hedge Shears, 7 5/8' Blade, 22' Overall Length (One Pack)

If you thought the ARS HS-KR1000 shears were lightweight, then the Okatsune Precision Hedge Shears take it a step further. Weighing only 1.5 pounds, these shears are used by professional gardeners across the world and has been a personal favorite of mine for years. I have no doubt that this tool can last decades, given proper care and maintenance.

I originally discovered these Okatsune shears while searching for a lightweight tool that didn’t scrimp on performance. And I wasn’t disappointed!

This high-quality tool has blades that remain very sharp for a long time, as they’re forged by Izumo Yasugi steel, a technique used for making swords. Cool, right?

Cutting through dense shrubs and hedges is relatively fast and simple with the high carbon content of the shears. The long handles of the tool help you reach stems and branches that are higher or farther back without dragging out a ladder. 

As far as professional-grade tools are concerned, the Okatsune is one of the few hedge trimmers on the market that comes with sturdy wooden handles. They add a nice, classic look, are comfortable to hold, and don’t slip in your hands.


  • Quality: Shears are made from excellent quality materials. 
  • Durability: Blades forged by super durable Izumo Yasugi steel. 
  • Design: Attractive wooden handles give a classic look.
  • Lightweight: Tool is easy to use and maneuver around your garden. 


  • Comfort: Shears don’t come with shock-absorbing bumpers. 
  • Price: Not quite as steep as the ARS shears, but still on the expensive side, especially if you’re working on a tight budget. 
Okatsune Precision Hedge Shears, 7 5/8" Blade, 22" Overall Length (One Pack)
  • These short garden shears are used by professioanl gardeners throughout Japan.
  • Total Length:21in(535mm)
  • Blade Length:6.9in(175mm)
  • Weight:1lb12oz(800g)
  • The handles are made of slick Japanese White Oak

3. Tabor Tools B212A

TABOR TOOLS B212A Telescopic Hedge Shears with Wavy Blade and Extendable Steel Handles. Extendable Manual Hedge Clippers for Trimming Borders, Boxwood, and Tall Bushes.

This next option is ideal for those looking to prioritize easy handling and effective performance. Tabor Tools’ B212A hedge trimmers come equipped with telescopic retractable handles, which are great for easy and efficient trimming, even for the thickest of shrubs and hedges.

The handles can also be extended to reach some of the more difficult areas in your garden, with an extended length of 33 inches. 

The trimmers are well-sharpened, and come with wavy blades made with quality tempered steel, making it easy to achieve perfect cuts.

Shock-absorbing bumpers are also provided on the handles, which effectively limit some of the jarring strains that trimming and cutting can have on your arms.


  • Handles: Sturdy telescopic handles make it easy to reach difficult areas of shrubs and hedges. 
  • Adjustability: Flower-shaped pivot bolt enables you to adjust the tension of the blade. 
  • Performance: Trimmers are sharp enough to make the smooth and precise cuts you need efficiently. 
  • Comfort: Shock-absorbing bumpers prevent jarring vibrations and reduce the fatigue of the arms. 


  • Sizing: The product doesn’t come in different blade sizes. 
TABOR TOOLS B212A Telescopic Hedge Shears with Wavy Blade and Extendable Steel Handles. Extendable Manual Hedge Clippers for Trimming Borders, Boxwood, and Tall Bushes.
  • STRONG TELESCOPIC HANDLES This hedge trimmer is the ideal tool for trimming and shaping your shrubs and decorative topiary plants. Reach any shrub far and high! There’s no cut you can’t make with these strong extendable handles: the overall regular length in a closed position is 25" and the overall length in extended mode is 33".
  • SHARP WAVY BLADE FOR PRECISION CUTS. The forged carbon steel wavy blades cut to the tip and produce smoothly operated crisp cuts. The precision cuts of this tool will preserve your plant’s health. Every cut will be a joyful experience and your shrubs will grow back nicely: don’t hack away at your beautiful bushes with powered hedge trimmers!
  • SHOCK-ABSORBING BUMPERS. The shock-absorbing bumpers will stop all jarring vibrations and reduce arm and shoulder fatigue. The extendable telescopic lightweight steel handles feature comfortable non-slip grips which will fit comfortably into your hands. Overall, this is a balanced, powerful, and dependable tool that will soon become YOUR BEST FRIEND IN THE GARDEN.
  • ADJUSTABLE BLADE TENSION: The flower-shaped pivot bolt lets you adjust the tension of the blade and prune different types of plants with just a simple twist. The blades are made of carbon steel with a coating to allow a great cutting performance. You can count on these clippers to deliver superior, long-lasting performance and great results.
  • ORDER WITH CONFIDENCE. We at TABOR TOOLS stand behind our products. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for support, questions about our products, or spare parts you might need.

4. OARA Garden Hedge Shears

OARA Garden Hedge Shears forTrimming Borders, Boxwood, and Bushes, Hedge Clippers & Shears with Comfort Grip Handles,21 Inch Carbon Steel Bush Cutter

OARA’s Garden Hedge Shears are an excellent all-round choice if you want a high-quality product.

Built with an ergonomic design that features soft vinyl cushion grips for added comfort, these shears are constructed from 65MN carbon steel, so their efficiency and sharpness goes without saying. 

The tool’s blade is incredibly durable, owing to its Teflon coating which prevents rust, as well as reducing shearing friction, corrosion, and oxidation. The Teflon coating also enhances wear resistance, making maintenance convenient and easy.

These shears come with an unlimited warranty so if you have any doubts or problems with the product after purchase, all you’ll need to do is contact OARA and they’ll be happy to offer either a replacement or a full refund.


  • Material: High-quality 65MN carbon steel enables the shears to easily cut through all types of hedges. 
  • Design: Ergonomic design allows you to trim closer to your body at an optimal cutting angle.
  • Coating: Teflon coating works to prevent rust and corrosion, as well as reducing shearing friction. 


  • Cushion grips: A number of customers have reported that the shock-absorbing grips are liable to fall off. 
OARA Garden Hedge Shears forTrimming Borders, Boxwood, and Bushes, Hedge Clippers & Shears with Comfort Grip Handles,21 Inch Carbon Steel Bush Cutter
  • 1. High quality materials:This trimming hedges shear is used High quality 65MN carbon steel. The sharp edge of the home hedge shears can easily cut all kinds of branches. Ideal for shaping and manicuring boxwood, hedges, shrubs and decorative topiary plants.
  • 2. Ergonomic design: The trimming hedges clipper shears feature soft vinyl cushion grips for extra comfort. The shock-absorbing bumpers stop jarring vibrations and reduce arm and shoulder fatigue. The shorter handles allow for trimming closer to the body at an optimal cutting angle.
  • 3.Easy work: Your shrubbery will respond and grow back nicely after using these delicate manual shears: don’t hack away at your beautiful boxwood shrubs with powered hedge trimmers!
  • 4. Teflon Coating: The blade has a Teflon coating to prevent rust and reduce shearing friction, prevent corrosion and oxidation, enhance wear resistance, reduce clinging dirt and make maintenance convenient and easy.
  • 5. Product warranty: If you have any doubts with this pruning shears garden tools , please contact us anytime and provide order number, we will offer you a full refund or a replacement ASAP.

5. Fiskars Power Lever 8” Hedge Shears

Fiskars Power Lever Hedge Shears - 8' Stainless Steel Blades - Plant Cutting Scissors with Sharp Precision-Ground Steel Blade

Trimming a wide range of hedges and shrubs is made significantly easier with the Fiskars Power Lever Hedge Shears.

They are equipped with a four-point pivot that automatically doubles the trimming strength and efficiency of the shears. As a result, this invariably means you’ll achieve more with a lot less energy. 

The 8-inch cutting blades are razor-sharp and durable, made of steel and then coated with chrome. They also have soft-grip handles which enable you to hold the shears securely without slipping. 

The blades of this tool are serrated, not straight. This useful feature facilitates more cutting power and subsequently, improved performance.

All things considered, it’s hard to go wrong with these hedge-cutting shears and the price is just right for budget-minded gardeners.


  • Efficiency: Unique power level technology and four-point pivot multiplies leverage, giving up to two times more cutting power. 
  • Quality performance: Sharp, serrated blades deliver clean cuts to all types of branches. 
  • Comfort: Arm fatigue and hand vibration are reduced with an effective shock-absorbing bumper. 
  • Durability: Handles are made of durable steel which guarantee good levels of reliability and durability. 
  • Design: Aesthetically pleasing on the eye with a black handle alongside an orange trim.


  • Heavy: These shears are heavier and a little more difficult to maneuver than some of the others on this list. 
Fiskars Power Lever Hedge Shears - 8" Stainless Steel Blades - Plant Cutting Scissors with Sharp Precision-Ground Steel Blade
  • GARDENING ESSENTIAL: Steel blade plant shears ideal for a variety of pruning tasks like trimming hedges, shaping decorative shrubs, and more to encourage overall plant health and appearance
  • MAXIMUM POWER AND PRECISION: Gator-blade serrated blades grip branches for healthy, clean cuts; Power Lever technology enables 2x more cutting power than standard hedge shears; Non-slip grip handle allows for more control of clippers
  • LONG-LASTING AND RELIABLE: Low-friction coating makes smooth cuts, reduces gumming, and enhances rust resistance; Steel blades stay sharp through heavy use and provide excellent durability for lasting value; Fiskars is built to last
  • QUALITY GARDEN TOOLS: Designed to help you cultivate a better garden, Fiskars garden and yard tools are equipped with smart technologies and award-winning, ergonomic features that make it easier and more enjoyable to transform your outdoor space
  • INCLUDES: 1 Fiskars Power Lever Hedge Shears with 8" blade; Full lifetime warranty

Buyer’s guide 

Whether you’re a landscaper or a gardener, your toolbox won’t be complete without a reliable pair of hedge trimmers, clippers, or shears. They can be used to shape and maintain a wide variety of hedges, shrubs, and garden borders—essential for many homeowners! 

When it comes to finding the best set of trimmers for your individual needs, there are a few factors to take into account to ensure you pick the right product. 

Let’s take a look at some of these important areas to focus on. Giving a little extra thought to them will help steer you toward the perfect option and save you time, money, and effort in the long run.

Power and performance 

One of the most important qualities in a pair of hedge clippers is their cutting power. This typically boils down to the overall quality of the clippers and sharpness of the blades.

It’s also worth noting that longer handles help too, enabling you reach some of the more difficult areas of your garden. 

Another contributing factor is the size of the blades. Bigger blades allow you to cover larger areas, which subsequently saves you a lot of time—but, only if you can handle the added weight.

Ease of use

With an ill-suited tool, it can take a lot of effort and energy to cut through your garden’s foliage. Fortunately, you don’t have to walk away with aching arms and shoulders because many tools these days are designed with user comfort in mind.

For example, blades with extendable handles, cushioned grips, and shock-absorbing bumpers are just a few of the features that can significantly reduce wear and tear on the arms. It’s also a good idea to purchase a set of hedge clippers with scissor-like action as this, too, makes cutting easier. 

Weight and size

This is another key consideration. You’ll typically have to hold your hedge trimmers above your shoulders for lengthy periods of time while working away. Unless you consider that your workout for the day, you’ll probably want something lightweight and more enjoyable to use.

Heavy trimmers are burdensome and slower to move around. You might find that an otherwise minor chore ends up taking all afternoon because you have to put down your tool so often to rest or reposition yourself. Lighter weight trimmers, on the other hand, are easy to maneuver without sacrificing great performance. 

Steel and wooden handles tend to be the heaviest, while aluminium, plastic, and fiberglass handles are the common lightweight options.

Type of blade

This factor is all about your specific individual needs. If you’re looking for a tool to cut foliage and shrubs from a short distance, then blades around 6 inches with a shorter handle will be ideally suited.

But for more advanced, longer-distance cuts, a large pivot device with longer handles, and blades measuring anywhere between 9 to 12 inches will be needed. 

If you’re looking for a blade that’s straightforward to maintain and can easily be sharpened when blunt, then hedge clippers with a straight blade are what you’ll be after. Straight-bladed shears can be sharpened using a milestone.

If, however, you’re looking for a pair of clippers that can grip and cut some of your larger branches, then blades with serration on either side could be a viable option. These blades are able to effectively cut twigs that are bigger than 1/4 inch.


The build construction of different hedge clippers should always be taken into account if longevity is important to you.

You don’t want to invest in a set of clippers that nick or chip at the slightest tasks, or need sharpening every time you use them. You need a tool that’s durable and can withstand minor bumps and drops. (Because let’s face it, we’re not always so careful with our garden tools.)

For the strongest and most reliable tool, it’s usually safest to opt for metal-constructed clippers over clippers built with plastic handles and other parts. Metal won’t become brittle over time, or develop other problems that plastic has (like cracking, splitting, or fading).

Spare part availability 

As time goes by, and with consistent use, it’s only natural that one or two parts may be in need of repair or replacement. But this doesn’t mean you have to discard those hedge trimmers and look for a new tool.

By purchasing a pair of trimmers whose parts can easily be replaced when they become old or damaged, you’ll be in a good position to maximize the tool’s value and use it for an extended period. 


All things considered, price is one of the biggest determining factors when deciding whether or not to buy a particular product.

Ideally, you want a set of durable hedge trimmers that are cost-effective. Usually the more advanced features they have, the higher the price.

But there are a number of high-quality products on the market that are reasonably affordable for those on a budget. Think about how often you’ll use your trimmers, and under what conditions, to help you decide how much you want to spend.

Frequently asked questions

How do you use hedge shears?

If you’re inexperienced and new to using hedge shears, it can be difficult knowing where to start.

The best thing to do before you attempt anything is to make sure your shears are in good working condition: sharp, no rust, with all joints and pivot points moving smoothly.

After you’ve completed this initial check, place the shears on the hedge or plant you’re looking to cut, and start trimming. I recommend using a basic scissor-like cutting style to start with.

It’s best to cut small sections at a time to avoid having a big cut that could potentially cause the plant to lose its shape. After you’ve finished your cutting, remember to wipe down the shears with a clean rag to remove any sap and grime.

Are serrated hedge shears better? 

The majority of high-quality hedge shears on the market are straight-bladed shears. These are typically made from forged steel and can be sharpened by hand.

Some shears, however, have serrations on their blades which are useful, and in my opinion, better suited for cutting through large branches (such as the Fiskars Power Lever Hedge Shears).

How do you clean hedge shears?

All hedge shears and trimmers need a thorough clean after they’ve been used. This helps keep the blades in optimal condition and prevents the formation of rust.

First, wipe the blades with a clean rag to remove any sap and grime. For particularly stubborn spots, use a stiff-bristled brush to scrape off the particles and hose them down to rinse off any residue.

Once the blades are clean, dry them thoroughly with a soft cloth, paying special attention to the joints, pivot points, and other crevices where water might pool. Leaving any moisture behind may lead to rust and corrosion.

Finally, apply a few drops of oil to the blades and any moving parts, and wipe them down with a paper towel to evenly distribute the oil on both sides of the blades. You don’t want the tool dripping with oil, but just thinly coated with a nice sheen. This adds a layer of protection to the steel and keeps your hedge shears working smoothly.

For a more detailed tutorial on cleaning your tools, check out my guide on creating your own DIY tool cleaning station.

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