Calling All Readers! Where Are You Based?

The book. It’s been on my brain (and in my belly) a lot… for the last 12 months. It’s like an extra long gestation period and come next February, I’ll finally be able to meet my book baby! It still seems a long way off to everybody but me. And while it might appear that…

Linda Ly
Calling all readers! Where are you based?

The book. It’s been on my brain (and in my belly) a lot… for the last 12 months. It’s like an extra long gestation period and come next February, I’ll finally be able to meet my book baby!

It still seems a long way off to everybody but me. And while it might appear that my journey will be “complete” by the time the book is released, the next part of the journey is really just beginning. This is the time when I start thinking about publicity, book parties (!) and book signings, and I am so, so excited to tour the country, spread the message of good food to good people, and put some faces to the names I’ve always seen online.

Friends, this is where I need your help!

Do you want me to make a stop in your town? Tell me where that is!

Know of a festival, fair, or dinner party that happens in your community? Put it on my radar!

Are you part of a CSA farm, garden club, cooking club, or retail shop (dealing in books, home and garden, or whole foods) and you think it would be a fitting place for an event? Let’s make it happen!

(You’ll notice I included Southern Canada on the map… because, well, why not? We can take this international!)

There is nothing I love more (aside from cooking and gardening, of course) than exploring new places and meeting new people, and I can’t wait to hear your ideas on where I should go and what I should do. I am currently planning a few events for next spring and hope to include a variety of book signings, talks, classes, and demos, and maybe share a few farm-to-table meals with you all!

Thank you for the daily love and support and for spreading the word about my book. I continue to be stunned and thrilled and humbled with every person telling me he or she just preordered a copy.

Your constant encouragement (since Day One!) and loyal readership are what keep me going, and I can’t wait to set off on this next adventure together. Crossing my fingers that I get to meet many of you for the first time as I make my way around the country next year!


  1. Mattapoisett MA – How On Earth! We do a monthly Harvest dinner with local fare, have a CSA pick up and all around awesome local cafe and store! We work with so many in the community including the amazing Heart Beets Farm who I’m close friends with. PLEASE come!!! AND we’re 30 mins from Cape Cod and 1hr outside of Boston!!!

  2. N. Illinois outside Chicago. We have a fantastic farmers market here in Chicago- the Chicago Green City Market. Every Wed/Sat- Indoors Nov-April (Sat only). If you find your way through Chicago you may want to contact someone there. Not seeing any Chicago love yet- where are you people?

  3. Stockholm, Sweden. Healthy eating and growing your own veg is a huge trend here! It might be a bit far for you, but hey, it’s an adventure! 😉

  4. Monterey Bay Area; Tons of CSA farms, farmers markets, Happy Girl Kitchen in Pacific Grove. Pajaro Valley is called the “The Salad Bowl of the World.” Santa Cruz and north is filled with awesome farms, including The Homeless Garden Project.

  5. North Las Vegas, Nevada. I am part of a 1-acre CSA Farm / Gardening Group here in the north end of town. It would be awesome to have a visit here. There are a few gardening groups here in town and I’m sure everyone would love to gather together for a meet and greet 🙂

  6. Texas – north of Dallas. There is a a group trying to set up a CSA not too far from me. I don’t know of any others, but I am sure there are some.
    I have a good sized garden for me. I love to grow my own veggies. 🙂

  7. West Kootenays (Nelson- a little bohemian town) British Columbia Canada 🙂
    My dad owns the Garden Centre here (DIG garden centre)
    I’m not part of a CSA but there are at least 5 in the area (just Nelson & Valley that I can speak of) lots of farmers market considering the town sizes here. People are very into local food in this area. The Kootenay Coop and the Nelson Ecosociety are awesome organizations that help promote local food.
    Hope that answer helps! If you have any more questions shoot me an email 🙂

    1. Nelson is high on my list of travel destinations, regardless of the book tour! 😉 I actually don’t know much about the local food scene up there, but I’ll definitely look into it more. Thanks!

  8. Providence, Rhode Island. Check out Farm Fresh RI, Southside Community Land Trust, Cluck! in Providence, Coastal Growers Market in South Kingstown Blithewold Arboretum, in Bristol. Rhode Island may be small, but it runs lengthwise along the Atlantic, embraces beautiful Narragansett bay, and is home to many dedicated surfers, gardeners, urban and suburban chicken caregivers, and locally grown foodies who would love you and your book. Please come.

  9. I am reading from the SF bay area! Some friends of mine started a Hyper Homemade and Homegrown bartering group that I belong to. We meet about once every quarter to trade what we have grown in our garden or made in our kitchen. From locally grown veggies to homemade bison jerky. I would literally walk away with bags of fresh veggies, canned goods, skin care, etc.. We had a gal trade her husbands homemade ghost chili brittle for some wild smoked salmon! We only have two rules, no cash and lets trade! Would love for you to come out and check us out at our next meet. Let me know if I can send you some pictures or info. Its like we are our own CSA! – Bartering Diva

  10. Portsoy, NE Scotland. I live in a wee fishing village but have been using your site since I got a few hens. Helpful. Thanks!

  11. I’m in rural Queensland, Australia. Might be a little out of your way, but you’re welcome any time 😉

          1. OH that’s right, I saw your post and about that with your adorable doggies 🙂 Yorba Linda is still country enough to not feel I live in the city!

  12. Hi Linda, I would LOVE to have you in Providence RI sometime, we’ve got a great and fast growing local food scene! I don’t have a venue that I’m connected with specifically but there are SO many in the area that would be great for this! Send me an email if you’d like and I can give you a list of places you might want to reach out to and I can help you plan too – thanks!

  13. Santa Rosa, CA. Sonoma Wine Country! We live and breathe farm to table here! Check out SHED in Healdsburg, CA, just a few miles north of me. They host awesome events and I think your book would be a good fit for their space.

    1. I loooove wine country! I’ll actually be speaking at the National Heirloom Expo in September, but will likely stop in more places up north this year. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll look up SHED!

  14. if you hit NYC you can get to Shelton Connecticut and chect out Jones Family Farm and i will get you a tour,they are a 5 generation farm.trees,strawberrys,blue berries,pumkins and grapes for the winery.check them out on of the few farms left in Connecticut.
    Mahalo Dav

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